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We fight hate propaganda against Israelis and Jews, share facts, and promote a

better future  for all in the Middle East. Israelis & Palestinians alike

In an era increasingly clouded by fake news and ignorance, Tikva International stands committed to dispelling misinformation and fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our mission is to enlighten and clarify, urging open-minded individuals to see beyond the simplicity of rumors and prejudice, and to appreciate the nuanced nature of this enduring conflict.

Central to our educational approach is a focus on the pivotal events of October 7th and their extensive implications.

We offer a distinctive, interactive mind map tool, designed to guide users through the complexities of the conflict in an associative and engaging manner. This innovative approach allows for a more comprehensive and insightful understanding of the multifaceted dynamics at play in the Israeli-Palestinian context.

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