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Education under Hamas


October 7th




The education system in Gaza, particularly in schools run by Hamas and those under the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), has been a subject of significant concern due to its promotion of antisemitism and incitement of violence against Jews and Israel. Reports and investigations have revealed that the curriculum used in these schools, including those funded by UNRWA, is infused with extreme anti-Semitic content and glorifies acts of violence and martyrdom. This curriculum is not limited to social studies or history classes but permeates subjects like science and mathematics.

UNRWA, which operates a significant number of schools in Gaza, uses the Palestinian Authority’s curriculum. Despite reforms, this curriculum has remained openly anti-Semitic and continues to encourage violence, jihad, and martyrdom.
The educational content often includes extreme nationalism and Islamist ideologies. For example, UNRWA-created materials for schools in Gaza have celebrated violent attacks against Israelis and glorified terrorists as heroes and martyrs. This approach to education has been linked to the radicalization of Palestinian youth and the perpetuation of the conflict.


The funding for this type of education in Gaza, including that provided by UNRWA, comes significantly from international sources, including the United States and European Union. the perpetuation of the conflict.

This has raised concerns about the misuse of international funds to promote hatred and violence. Efforts to reform these educational materials have been met with resistance, and the continuation of this type of education poses a significant challenge to peace and stability in the region. The involvement of UNRWA in perpetuating such an education system has led to calls for a change in approach and the need for education based on peace, tolerance, and UNESCO standards.



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