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"Our Islam is the opposite of what they did..."

2023-11-20 (#137)

"On Saturday, October 7th, at 6:30 am, at the Ma'on intersection 🚧, eight motorcycles carrying Hamas terrorists approached Hamid Abu Arar, his wife Fatma, and their baby son, and opened fire on their vehicle.

The incredible story of Hamid's heroism in the hours that have passed since then is a tale of solidarity and profound loss, but most importantly, it's a story of destiny and partnership 🤝.

Only by working together can we achieve victory!

Video Transcription:

Maon Junction, Saturday, October 7th, 06:45 AM

On Saturday, October 7th, my wife and I, and my youngest son where driving,

eight people came and started shooting at us.

My wife said to me, Hamid, I don't feel my legs.

I asked what leg are you talking about? She was hurt badly.

I told her, Fatma, I bear witness that there is no God but God,

and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

She passed away. I opened the door, I went to her door,

I put down the chair, I closed her eyes,

and I opened the door to my son.

I took off his clothes.

He had nothing but shrapnel in his shoulders.

I looked to the side, and I saw a small closed compound,

Large electrical cabinet

So I went and hid inside and closed the doors,

Me and my baby and he was crying.

Of course, he wanted to drink milk from his mother.

So, after about five hours,

four of Hamas' terrorists arrived,

and hid behind the cabinet that we were in.

Suddenly, I heard Hebrew from the other side.

I looked behind the cabinet, and I saw the army. The Hamas terorists on my back.

So one of the terorists said,

give them six or seven meters to advance,

and kill them all.

So I said to myself, Hamid, make a quick decision.

I grabbed my baby,

I opened the door, and I went out to the army.

I told them, you are in the fire zone now.

If they had advanced another five meters,

they all would have been killed on the ground.

For sure!

I got out by a miracle and we saved the soldiers

They brought us water, took care of my child

Look at his back, my son.

He has shrapnel in his back, poor thing

He is OK, he's still a baby.

Does he knows who has he killed?

A mother to nine children.

My oldest is eight and a half years old.

I don't know what to do.

I just convince myself.

I say, I'll get over it, I'll get over it.

Every day I go to the cemetery to my wife .

I try to think, I try to understand, to analyse.

There is no interpretation for this.

He killed an observant Muslim mother

a mother of four daughters that study the Koran

even though he didn't know the Koran.

So, what kind of Islam are we talking about?

Can you tell me, what kind of Islam we're talking about?

Our Islam, my friends, doesn't say that.

Our Islam is the opposite of what they did.

The Israeli Arabs saw it as well.

They saw what Hamas did.

We need to make a change.

Everyone who lives in this country

needs to be one body.

Arabs, Jews,

we need to be one body.

Otherwise, If someone brings us hatred,

there's no time for that.

Partners in Fate

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