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“We are paying the price for Hamas’s idiotic actions”

2023-11-01 (#074)

Ashraf from Gaza says that his main enemy in Hamas. They've been taught to use the term "occupation" but the occupier is Hamas. If the Jews come and remove Hamas, he will support them. It is Hamas who made them live in poverty in Gaza, made it impossible to find a job, killed his brother in front of him, not the Jews. Gazans are paying the price of Hamas' decisions. If there's a truce, it'll all happen again within a couple of years. He has no house, nothing. He does not recognize Hamas as a government. They took power via a coup, via treachery and cannot rule justly. Hamas only cares about its own people. He welcomes anyone who can salvage them from Hamas, Jews or non Jews. He doesn't need heaven, just a normal life and to get out of this hell.

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