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And the BBC does it again!

2023-11-15 (#126)

In this war, words kill.
These apologies, however, rarely heal something.
We demand responsibility. Now.

Video Transcription:

And now an apology from the BBC.

A BBC News as it covered initial reports

that Israeli forces has entered Gaza's main hospital.

We said that medical teams and

Arab speakers were being targeted.

At this moment, we are hearing from Reuters that

is reporting that Israel, it says its forces are

carrying out an operation against Hamas in Gaza's al

Shifa hospital, and they are targeting people, including medical

teams, as well as Arab speakers.

This was incorrect and misquoted a Reuters report.

We should have said IDF forces included medical

teams and Arabic speakers for this operation.

So we apologize for this error, which fell below.

Know our usual editorial standards.
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