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Antony Blinken: Israel has the right to defend itself!

2023-11-01 (#073)

Anthony Blinken speaks of Israel's right to defend itself, decribing some of the monstruous acts that Hamas committed on October 7th. Israel has the obligation to defend itself and make sure that such horrors will never happen again. It is important for Israel to try to protect civilians despite the fact that Hamas uses civilians as human shields and places its weapons underneath hospials and schools. A ceasefire would consolidate what Hamas wants and allow it to remain in power and repeat its actions. No nation would tolerate that. False Hamas propaganda is spreading across social media. It is everywhere and it is shaping public opinion and inciting hate and danger for Jews and Israelis.
Yet, brave leaders are still among us, standing with the truth. With those who demand life

Video Transcription:

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