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Are all Jews white?

2023-12-13 (205) Short

Credit: Tom Lahat @lata @lahatom

Video Transcription:

I was forced to leave my country,

running away from death threats.

My name is Dahlia Zeda.

I participated in the Arab Spring.

I participated also in working with policy makers in

my country for years on advancing liberal democratic

values and working on promoting human rights Values, women's rights.

I lead think tank in Egypt.

It's called the Liberal Democracy Institute, and I'm

also the executive director of Meme center for

Middle east and Eastern Mediterranean Studies.

Peace is also a very big value for me.

Allah Akbar Allah.

I was so shook by the brutality

of those who committed these crimes.

It's unimaginable.

It's unthinkable.

The mainstream media that has in the

arab world, they didn't say that.

They attacked the music party.

They raped women, tortured children and

men, and even captured the elderly.

They didn't say any of that.

so I thought I should speak up.

I should tell the people about what I saw.

So I use the platforms I have on social media.

in the next few days after that,

I started to receive death threats, serious death threats, like

people sending me messages on my phone, like, you

don't have much time, we know where you live.

And they send me my address.

And I had to leave all that and go to

a different country, running away from even legal claims filed against me

state sponsored media, which is attacking me, members

of parliament, even who are attacking me.

If I had the opportunity to do

this again, I will do this again.

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