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Australia and Canada did not ‘understand’ meaning behind ceasefire vote for Gaza

2023-12-21 (238)

Palestinian peace activist Bassem Eid says Australia and Canada did not “understand” the meaning behind voting in the UN for a ceasefire in Gaza.

On October 7 Israel declared war against Hamas after the Palestinian terrorist group fired thousands of rockets as far north as Tel Aviv.

“We witnessed, in the past 16 years since Hamas occupied the Gaza Strip, we witnessed several ceasefires which has been achieved between Israel and Hamas, none of them really works as it should be,” he told Sky News contributor Gemma Tognini.

“In my opinion, a such kind of resolution which is the United Nations right now, trying to put it out should have to include three important elements.

“The first one – that Hamas should lay down their weapons, the second one – the accountability to the terrorists which has committed the massacre on October 7, and the third is the release of all hostages including the IDF members.”

Video Transcription:

this week the Australian government

decided to stand with the likes of Iran

and Afghanistan in calling for what it

described as a sustainable ceasefire in

Gaza no demand for the return of

hostages no mention or condemnation in

that vote for Hamas a weak decision that

has been rightly condemned by many basam

Eid is a jerusalem-based political

analyst human rights Pioneer and expert

commentator in Arab and Palestinian

affairs ID was born in the Jordanian

occupied old city in East Jerusalem and

spent the first 33 years of his life in

the United Nations refugee camp of

suat he rose to prominence during the

first inada and in 1996 founded the

jerusalem-based Palestinian human rights

monitoring group in 2016 Eid assumed the

role of chairman of the center for near

East policy research and for full and

somewhat repeated disclosure I visited

the West Bank and is Israel this year

under the ajac ramban program it was

during this program which included time

in ramala and other parts of the

disputed territories that I met basamid

and he joins me now basam welcome to the

show and thank you for your

time good morning thank you first of all

to your response if I may ask you to

Australia's vote for a ceasefire in Gaza

in the wording of that uh ceasefire vote

uh in the UN this week what's your

response to that

see looks like unfortunately that

countries like the Australia or the

Canadian didn't understand exactly the

meaning of the of the ceasefire and what

is the definition of the ceasefire

listen we we witnessed in the past 16

years since the Hamas occupied the Gaza

Strip we witnessed several

ceasefires which has been achieved

between Israel and the Hamas and none of

them really works as it should be in my

opinion is such kind of resolution which

is the United Nation right now trying to

to to to put it out should have to

include three important

elements the first one the Hamas should

laying down their

weapons the second one the accountable

to the terrorists which is committed

the massacre on the October 7th and the

third is the release of the all

hostages including the IDF members if

the United Nation will include these

three conditions in their resolution I I

have no problem you know probably to

vote for but if those three conditions


completely a a been a a a a outside the

resolution I don't think that such

resolution should have to be support or

voted for any country around the world

in your opinion basamid why does the

UN neglect to include such important an

conditions in any call for a ceasefire

it seems to be the most basic thing

under the sun and yet those conditions

which I think most reasonable people

would agree should form part of any deal

for a ceasefire why does the UN

continually fail to include those

conditions it's for a very simple reason

you know in the 21st century the main

aim and the main job of the United

Nation is how to create conflicts rather

than to solve

conflicts because the UN knows if the

conflicts around the the world will be

solved then all the employees of the

United Nation will become jobless and

refugees secondly I think that the

United Nation right now became a part of

the Israeli Palestinian conflict rather

than a part of the

solution I think that the International

Community right now should have to stand

up and first of all to start making

their own accountability with the UN why

the UN is not only hates Israel but

also teaching the the Palestinian

students yeah how to hate and how to be

violent and how to to

reject the others this is the one of the

most important issues that I think that

the International Community should have

to put it on the table before any kind

of resolutions it's a really really

critical point particularly in light of

the last couple of weeks when we have

seen um Vision coming out of parts of

Gaza that have been captured and we've

seen uh you know members of Hamas

teaching in these schools we've seen the

C you know curriculum is a very generous

word to describe but you've spent 26

years researching un policies you've

written extensively on the topic of Ana

reform as you just said there needs to

be great greater scrutiny here um on

behalf of the West what is the

likelihood of that happening do you

think see I I I I think that the the

only one who should have to be blamed

here is the International Community by

themselves you know the UN is surviving

from the donation

and from the support of the

International Community and the

International Community should have from

time to time to make their own

accountability on the activities of the

United Nation mainly on the Israeli

Palestinian conflict but looks like to

me that the united nation became a

completely an a a a independent

organization that no country around the

world has the the right to


in in their work and looks like that

they have a free hand to do whatever

they want

without paying let's say any kind of

price for the horrible things that they

are doing on the Israeli Palestinian

conflict this is this is such an

important point one other thing I wanted

to ask you basame it is that I've read a

lot of commentary in the past two months

that basically says and it's my

paraphrase here that the West doesn't

understand Hamas it doesn't understand

the level of extremism at play here I

want to get your take on firstly that

but also what is your view on This

Global Pro Palestine movement in the

wake of October 7 that doesn't seem to a

understand the the history here the fact

that Hamas has repeatedly said not only

are we happy with what we did not only

are we is this a day of celebration for

us but we will repeat it over and over

again until Israel is wiped off the map

and the Jewish people with it what is it

about this that the West is

missing I think that the W it will be

very difficult for the West to

understand what does it mean the Hamas

and what does it mean the Islamic

extremism and

fundamentalism I think that the West

is very close to start suffering from

those people like the Hamas and like the

Isis and only when those organization

terrorist organization will touch the

body of the west then the West probably

will wake up and start making their own

measures how to deal with such kind of a

terrorist organizations right now looks

like that everything is far away from us

if it is from Paris or the UK or Belgium

or whatever but very soon these people

are going to be under the the under the

the the the track and when these people

will become under the track I believe

that the pain will be so high and then

probably these people will start

fighting and standing together with Israel

in term to erase such kind of

terrorist organizations from the B all

over the world Bas thank you so much for

joining us tonight thank you for your


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