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BBC Under Fire As Antisemitism And Bias Allegations Rock Broadcaster

2024-02-06 (293)

A BBC scheduler who made racist comments on social media, including referring to Jews as Nazis and denying the Holocaust has been sacked. The BBC took its time firing the employee, and concerns have been raised about a culture of bias and antisemitism within the organization.

Jewish employees have expressed fear and discomfort working at the BBC, and there are allegations of biased reporting on Israel's conflict with Hamas.

Stephen Silverman from the Campaign Against Antisemitism, and former BBC producer John Mair, both joined Kevin O'Sullivan and Alex Phillips on CrossTalk.

Video Transcription:

scheduler Dawn quavas referred to Jews

as Nazis described the Holocaust as a

a hoax and called white people

parasites it comes as Jewish employees

at the corporation say it is a grim and

frightening time to work there joining

us now is Stefan Silverman director of

Investigations and enforcement at the

campaign against anti-Semitism and

former BBC producer John Mayor thanks

both of you uh for joining us uh let's

go to you first Stephen, I thought I

mean this this woman daor Quaver I mean

what she was putting out on social media

just disgusting racism I mean

extraordinary that she should ever have

been there in the first place in

fairness to the BBC they didn't muck

around three or four days and they

sacked her uh so she's a racist uh with

a few of these ludicrous tropes about

Jewish people and white people she's an

equal opportunity hater uh we're the

virus Jewish people are Nazis and so on

absolute nonsense but what really

worried me here Stephen was that

a Jewish employee at the BBC said in

response to Dawn the Dawn quava Saga

bearing in mind this is the corporation

that refuses to call Hamas terrorists

and has been accused of a definite uh

favorable slant towards uh against

Israel uh uh this employee said that

this is a grim and frightening time to

work at the BBC that's extraordinary

isn't it

it is extraordinary and and it comes

on the back of British Jews having long

been made to feel uncomfortable by their

perception of bias in the BBC's coverage

of matters relating to Israel since the

atrocity that was committed by Hamas on

7th of October uh that plaster has been

ripped off the wound it's become

manifestly clear that the BBC has an

Institutional problem with Jews and

Jewish issues and you know if you go

back to last last November Danny Cohen

who is a former director of BBC

television um made the statement that

the BBC um was institutionally

anti-semitic now the problem is

manifesting itself in three separate

ways firstly firstly there has been a

constant drip of BBC employees openly

engaging in deeply anti-semitic rhetoric

D Quaver is just the most recent in an

ignominious list and if people want to

see more they can look them up on on our

website secondly there is a very clear

bias in in the BBC's reporting of

Israel's war against Hamas in which

Israel is being painted as a brutal

aggressor with complete disregard for

the fact that this is a war that Israel

is fighting in order to defend its

citizens against the repeat of October

the 7th the BBC's reporting is actually

inflaming anti-Semitism on the streets

and then finally the BBC has a real

problem with its refusal to take action

against high-profile employees who use

their celebrity to promote biased views

to a vast social media following John

I'm I'm going to come to you now um I

mean the talk of BBC bias that continues

to haunt the BBC and I can well imagine

as with all and sunry that gets sucked

into the culture wars and turned into a

binary choice that most UK news rooms

probably do very much lean in One

Direction that might make somebody feel

that if they were Jewish somewhat

unwelcome or at least

disqui by conversations they hear at the

water cooler but I think perhaps one of

the biggest problems with the BBC I'm

reading some of these reports of some of

the views being openly expressed by

staff working in international newsrooms

what should the BBC be doing about this?

the charge sheet isn't it from from

my friend on the other side um I feel

like I'm intruded on the private grief

here after after the r I've just

witnessed but however look the system

worked didn't it the BBC has 22,000

employees is some of them will be

loonies some of them will be loonies to

go on to Facebook this woman went onto

Facebook and you know what she got

caught up at the knees so fox has been

shot has been shot there um I would

advise you to actually read the guardian

today there's rather good analytical

piece about the BBC's CNN's coverage of

um of the Gaza War I mean it does seem

to me that there was a strong

journalistic question to be asked about

reporting o o of the Gaza War it's all

been seen from the side of Israel Israel

has not allowed any reporters into Gaza

now that is just plain disgusting you

know you can't have a war in which only

one side is reporting so and where where

is the BBC bias you know when when when

the culture sector appeared the other

day on Good Morning Britain was asked

bias she she on Sky News she she was

lost for word so John are you saying

that the BBC doesn't have a problem here

John John John are you saying that the

BBC does doesn't have a problem here in

terms of it slant against I don't know

have a problem I don't know does the BBC

have an anti-Semitism problem I don't

think so you know

somebody I mean I think Danny Danny

Cohen has become a "Rent to go" he really

has he he pops up.. Dan Cohen's a "Rent to go"

former head

ATC1 a Jewish man

he is a "Rent to go" stand by that you're G

to call him a "rent to go" I am yes really


in what way is he a "Rent to go"? look as far as I can

see from the reporting of of the Gaza

War it's been straight down the line and

SE all right John thank you let's go

back to you Stephen this is just

outrageous nonsense isn't it I agree

it's absolutely Through the Looking

Glass to say that this war is being

reported from Israel's point of view

look at what happened with the um

reported bonding Hospital early on in

this conflict that was completely

inaccurate uh the BBC rushed to judgment

and then when Jeremy boen was

interviewed about it he admitted it was

wrong and he said he absolutely had no

regrets so BBC had to issue another

apolog apology apologize reported that

Israel that the IDF was deliberately

targeting Medics look the BBC uses her

stats with minimal qualification

all it does is it says that stop talking

over John all BC ever does is reports

stats as um from the Hamas ran Ministry

of Health that that goes no way to

actually explaining what those

statistics represent it doesn't explain

when it reports on the number of

fatalities that that number includes

around 10,000 Hamas terrorists that

Israel has murdered sorry has has killed

it doesn't include um the fact that a

very large number of rockets directed at

Israel from Gaza misfire Landing Gaza

killing gazans and those numbers are

included in the fatality statistics it

doesn't include the fact that Hamas

kills gazan civilians for resisting them

or for trying to follow Israel's

instructions to leave an area that is

about to be targeted the BBC just takes

her masses position on these things

without qualifying it properly and it

paints Israel as an aggressor in a war

in which Israel is trying to defend

itself against a genocidal level of

anti-Semitism that has not been seen

since the Second World War uh Stephen

and John thank you very much we're gonna

have to move on thank you John thank you to

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