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2023-10-21 (#022)

Oded Rahav, founder of Dead Sea Guardians has worked for years on bringing people together in the Middle East via sports and environmental issues. He quotes New York City mayor Eric Adams as saying "We are not alright"and agrees with him This is the tale of one hero, Ofir Liebstein who was head of the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council and worked endlessly to create hope in the region. Recently, he embarked on a project called the Arazim Industrial Zone with the aim of providing 10,000 jobs for Palestinians from Gaza. He also began a project to provide renewable energy to the Gaza Strip, allocating lands from his own Council to that purpose. He pushed forward a project to provide fresh water to Gaza, placing pipes within the Gaza Strip. And the Hamas? They uprooted the pipes and used them to make rockets. Paradoxically, it's people like Ofir who take care of the Palestinians. On October 7th, Ofir fought bravely to protect his family, neighbors and community. He was killed by Hamas. They also killed his mother in law and her nephew. His son Nitzan, aged 19, was shot and is missing. Hamas does not care about the wellbeing and prosperity of the Palestinians. It's Israelis, heroes like Ofir who work day and night to create hope, while Hamas has dragged the entire region into hell.

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