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CNN’s Jake Tapper is genuinely asking what Hamas leaders were thinking.

2023-11-10 (#104)

Thousands of people around the world are protesting and calling for a ceasefire, decrying the humanitarian crisis and the loss of life. Those against the ceasefire claim it will help Hamas. Queen Rania dismisses that saying that to reject a ceasefire is to endorse the death of innocent civilians. When Hamas brutally attacked Israel on October 7th, the question arises as to what they thought the Israeli response would be. Did they not anticipate that Israel would retaliate in a way that would cause innocent Palestinians in Gaza to die, especially since it has been unequivacally proven that Hamas embeds itself in the civilian population? Hamas' reponse to that question is an eye-opener: "No nation is liberated without sacrifces". That is not an expression of regret for the loss of Palestinian lives. When another Hamas leader was asked why they hadn't built bomb shelters for the people although they built 500 kilometers of tunnels. The reply was that tunnels are for the protection of Hamas,and because 75% of the Palestians in Gaza are refugees, it is the responsibility of the U.N. to protect them. The argument for a ceasefire is that it would allow for supplies to come in. Hillary Clinton begs to differ: "people calling for a ceasefire do not understand would be a gift to Hamas...they would spend the rebuild their armaments, creating stronger positions". Another Hamas official said that Hamas would repeat its actions again and again and is ready to pay the price, is proud to sacrifice martyrs for the cause. Hamas is the government of Gaza and officially claims that the loss of Palestinian lives is the cost of liberation and that it's not their responsibility to protect the people there. Israel hears the calls for a ceasefire but hears no proposal from anyone in the international community how it will to get back the 240 hostages kidnapped by Hamas or how Hamas should be removed from the leadership of Gaza.

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