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Forensic Experts

2023-11-14 (#119)

Forensic experts are still working to identify bodies mutilated by Hamas, some of them to the point of being beyond recognition. The video contains harrowing recordings from October 7th, of a mother from Kibbutz Beeri, under attack by the terrorists, talking with her daughter. Both her parents were murdered. There are 100s of unidentified bodies from the terror atack in a makeshift morgue outside Tel Aviv. The smell is overwhelming. Even those whose job it is to identify bodies are struggling. The bodies show the signs of the brutality of the attacks and they hear the agonized screams of the families of the victims. Contrary to Jewish religious law, many of the bodies are being buried in coffins and not directly into the ground, because little remains of many of those bodies. There is also evidence of torture and crimes against humanity. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Israel including blown up buses, but they have never encountered anything like this at the morgue. The bodies are being buried in temporary graves because it's too dangerous to take them to be buried near their homes.

Video Transcription:

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