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Friends' star goes off on Hamas apologists

2024-01-07 (261)

Stolen Youth' co-author Bethany Mandel reacts to a 'Friends' star going off on Hamas apologists on Fox News Live.

Video Transcription:

well Lita another celebrity using their

voice to advocate for the victims of

hamas's brutality friends co-star David

schwimer taking to Instagram to call out

Skeptics of hamasa sexual assaults he

writes quote why do so many refuse to

believe despite all the evidence on

camera and in testimony the women

children and Men brutally assaulted by

terrorists on October 7th where is their

outrage in the weeks and months that

followed it became clear their activism

their advocacy is conditional they'll

fight like hell for all victims of

sexual violence unless they're Jews

let's bring in Bethany Mandel the

co-author of stolen Youth and Bethany

David Schwimmer references a specific

article from The New York Times it's

entitled screams without words how Hamas

weaponized sexual violence on October

7th what happened and why isn't more why

aren't more people talking about

it the brutality that the New York Times

were able to document over the course of

months of research is really

horrifying and I think anyone who has

sort of gotten a big picture view of

what Hamas did on October 7th even those

folks are going to be shocked by the

level of brutality that was that was

documented by the New York Times

things that honestly we can't really

talk about on television and I I really

urge all of your your viewers to go read

the New York Times piece and that's not

something I say very often but the New

York Times did a really really important

thing here and it's it's important that

everyone read it both left and right I

mean this was this there was a lot of

good research done here this was real

journalism that we don't often see from

The New York Times but schmer is

right what's really disturbing is in the

face of all of that there are still so

many deniers I mean these are these are

Holocaust deniers these are modern-day

Holocaust deniers and schwimer rightly

says you know all of these folks who

said believe all women and and they are

for women's rights and and talking about

about sexual violence against women for

the last you know 20 30 years where are

they the vast majority of them are

silent and that goes from you know

regular celebrities up to the UN

is David schwimer alone here have other

actors joined him do you think other

actors will join him

I mean there's honestly not that

many who have come out and and said

something Deborah Messing has been

fantastic another one is Jenny

Mullen she's uh Jason Big's husband but

she's honestly better than Jason big so

I don't even want to describe her as

Jason Big's husband but she's fantastic

I mean there have been really wonderful

Bright Lights Jerry Seinfeld and his

wife also Jessica have been fantastic

but they're few and far between Mayan be

Alik another one but all of them are

Jewish there have been no non-jewish

celebrities who have come out and said

believe all women even when they're Jews

and you look at the situation and you

hear from some of the voices who say you

have to look at the context you have to

look look at the at the history but why

is it so difficult to look at such

brutality and just call it out for what

it is yeah I would like to know what

the appropriate context is for the

brutal brutal sexual assault of children

and elderly women and and young women at

a music festival there is no context for

that and what they're saying is you know

it's okay to do this by saying that you

know it's it's acceptable and it's it

it's okay to ask for context in certain

circumstances they're saying you know

under some circumstances it's okay to

brutally rape and kill women as long as

they're Jewish that is textbook

anti-Semitism and deeply deeply

disturbing and it's something that you

know all of these keyboard Warriors

should have been talking about for the

last two months but they've been sort of

sitting back on their heels because

apparently when when it's a brutal

terror attack against Jews we have to

wait and see Bethany Mandel, thanks for

joining us this afternoon very much

appreciated hey Sean Hannity here hey

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