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Gal Pihovich lunched "Our Heart in Gaza" campaign.

2023-11-21 (#140)

Gal Pihovich lives in Kibbutz Dorot, in the Gaza Strip. Many of her friends were kidnapped a month ago, she hasn't batted an eye since.

Gal immediately understood that the struggle of the kidnapped families would require financial support. She initiated the discs project "Our Heart in Gaza", through which millions of shekels have already been raised 🇮🇱✊

This week the project was also launched abroad. From today you can order these discs all over the world on a dedicated website 🌍

👈 Send friends abroad the website

Video Transcription:

I stand before you today as a mother
My son's best friend
and his brother Tal
and his sister Agam
are held in Gaza
This is our nightmare
but it could have been yours
I need your help
we created those military
ID tags
for those that cannot sit silent
that will help us and do everything
Our heart is captive in Gaza - Bring them home - Now!
to bring back our loved ones
The first tag was made for President Biden
other world leaders accepted it too
and pledged to help us with our mission
to bring our loved ones back
help us bring our loved ones back home
help us make sure
that nothing like that will happen again
#be free people in our nation
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