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Gaza hospital chief claims to be Hamas leader in interrogation

2023-12-20 (228)

A director in one of the largest hospitals in Gaza who was treating victims of the war claims he's really a senior Hamas commander whose been using the hospital as a military base. The admission came in a video released by one of Israel’s intelligence agencies. Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas co-founder turned Israeli spy

Video Transcription:

potentially a big shift in the reality

of what Israel is targeting in Gaza came

when the director of a Gaza Hospital

were victims of this war women children

and babies were being treated remember

how can you hit these hospitals what are

you doing and the IDF is saying well

sometimes a hospital is not a hospital

in the interrogation the director who

was taken by Shin Bet who is the Israeli

part of their uh intelligence apparatus

there's a video and he says and he

doesn't look like he's beaten to death

he doesn't look like he's scared to

death he says he's been with Hamas since

2010 that he is a high ranking position

there that there were close to a 100

terrorists in the hospital at one point

because they knew the hospital wouldn't

be targeted by Israel that Hamas had

offices for senior leaders in the

hospital and even held a kidnapped

Israeli soldier there and that they do

use their ambulances to transport Hamas

people including the hostages of Hamas

now all of these things had been offered

up by the IDF in fact it tracks so

closely with what we had been told by

the IDF that guess what's happening

people are saying that this is a BS

statement that this guy's only doing

this because Israel is going to beat him

with an in of his life 10 times if he

doesn't a man who knows the Hamas

Playbook and the IDF Playbook better

than just about anyone is back tonight I

don't care if you like what he says or

not if you argue with this man's

pedigree then you are not coming from a

place of rational argument okay the son

of a Hamas co-founder turned Israeli spy

joins us again tonight masab Hassan yusf

my friend it's good to see

you hi Chris thank you for having me so

let's do this a little Socratic this is

too good to be true even though the guy

looks okay in the video he is saying

exactly what Israel has been saying it

must be coerced

look, this guy is deeply

involved uh in the uh terrorist uh

operation uh this is not the first

doctor that Hamas hires in fact many of

Hamas leaders are doctors and Engineers

many people think of Hamas like Isis but

Hamas does not hire uh losers Hamas hire

the people with a status with education

uh with power uh so this is not the

first Hamas doctor out there but what

this guy forgot to say uh that Hamas

used the hospital to actually

transfer uh substantial amounts amounts

of money from outside and they use the

hospital as a cover so they can pay

their employees he did not say

everything because he didn't know

everything about Hamas operation this is

just uh the view uh from his uh

position but Hamas used the hospital for

a lot more than just employing 100

terrorists and having offices at the

hospital all right another point of

skepticism this guy just signed his own

death sentence by giving this statement

he can never go back he can never go

where he's from he can why would he do

this when I don't have to tell you but

there's so many stories of people

enduring torture and years uh of

incarceration uh without giving up any

secrets about Hamas why would this man

so calmly dish all this information that

he knows is a death

sentence listen

90% of Hamas members speak in

interrogation and uh without even any

mental or physical or Psy psychological

pressure they just speak I know this uh

from personal

experience uh into the interrogation

centers and and spending 27 months with

Hamas operatives and this is not a crime

Hamas will not punish this guy they will

not punish anyone who actually confessed

uh during

interrogation why

not uh they don't consider it treason

they just consider it because because

Hamas leaders once they are arrested and

in interrogation they all vomit their

plans their plots and their operation

their secrets it's not it's it's not a

new thing through out Hamas pose as uh

Lions on the outside but once they are


interrogation uh they became like um

rats uh or rabbits so uh this is not a

new thing all Hamas leaders confessed

about the movement infrastructure there

are thousands of Hamas operatives now as

we speak and all of them given lots of

information and I think this what will

give Israel The Leverage for the next

phase of this war hey thank you for

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