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Imagine the horror of the hostages

2023-10-21 (#019)

Bring Them Home Now. The horror stories and the suffering of the hostages. Liri Roman's brother Yarden has disappeared without trace. Eyal Nouri is the nephew of Adina and Saeed Moshe. Moshe was murdered by the terrorists and Adina, aged 72, was kidnapped and taken to Gaza. The entire family of Lior Katz Natnazon was kidnapped: her mother, Efrat Katz, is 68, her mother's boyfriend is 79, her sister Doron is 34, Doron's 2 daughters, Raz, 4 and 1/2 years old and Aviv, 2 and 1/2 years old. The relatives of the hostages tell what they know: that the victims heard the terrorists in the neighbor's house, that the terrorists set the house on fire, Moran Aloni, brother of Daniel and Sharon, and uncle of Yuli, Ema, Emilia and David was told by his sister that smoke was coming under the door and choking them. She proclaimed their love and said they probably wouldn't survive.. Lior Peri's father, Haim, and his friend together with a group of elderly, sick people were abducted.

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