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Israel is the worst perpetrator of genocide ever

2023-12-24 (240)

Taken form Piers Morgan Uncensored, joined by host of the Young Turks and pro-Palestinian supporter Cenk Uygur as well as columnist and pro-Israeli supporter Douglas Murray

Video Transcription:

Several things, first of all anyone

who uses the term genocide in this

context simply doesn't know what they're

talking about or is a malevolent actor

uh I don't know if Mr Uygur has traveled

at all in his life how far he's traveled

how many conflicts he's seen but I'd

have guessed none and and you clearly

know nothing about this particular

conflict and you've obviously seen none

of it um the genocide that you describe

is such a smear and a liable against the

Jewish state if Israel wanted to commit

genocide I'm sure it could but it

doesn't it doesn't remotely want to and

people like you and other Pro

Palestinian propagandists have spent

years claiming that Israel is committing

genocide in the Gaza by the way the

weirdest thing about this claim is that

the population of the Gaza has grown by

a million in the last 15 or so years so

if Israel was trying to carry out a

genocide it's either the worst

perpetrator of genocide ever or uniquely

poor at performing that task none of the

stats support that ridiculous claim it's

such a weird smear and a liel of Israel

secondly of course you've just rattled

off hamad's figures as every one of your

kind always does thirdly you said that

the world cried World cried you said you

said the people like you who cover for

the Palestinian extremists thirdly you

said that the World cried out for the 36

Israeli dead children no they didn't and

you know that very well you know that

very well if you put up a poster to a

missing dog in any Western City that

poster stays up in city after city in

America posters of abducted Jewish

children including a 10-month-old baby

were put up and were ripped down by

people who have been indoctrinated into

hate of Jews nobody would rip down the

poster of a missing dog but from Dublin

to Berkeley they ripped down posters of

abducted Jewish children so no I don't

think there was let let put dougas Let

me let me make let me make two other

very quick points firstly you said what

Hamas might do as if it was some kind of

hypothetical Hamas showed what they do

what they want to do it showed it on

October the 7th and its leadership as

I'm sure you very well know said that

they would like to repeat that again and

again until they have got rid of every

Jew so I don't know I would trust

hamas's word on that rather than your

interpretation of what you think they

mean when they say that and your and

your generous interpretation of what you

think that means and finally as for

preventing a Palestinian state it is

nonsense that the Israelis have

prevented a Palestinian State they gave

the gazans a Palestinian state in 2005

they gave them a pal inan state in 2005

when every Jewish person was ripped from

their homes in the Gaza by IDF soldiers

and the Palestinian people were given a

state and what did they do they voted in

Hamas who then killed their fellow

Palestinians never had another election

and used all the billions of dollars of

taxpayer funds from the US UK and Europe

to build Terror tunnels and to enrich

themselves so they could live the life

of luxury and katar again and again the

reason there is not a Palestinian state

is because the Palestinian leadership

doesn't want one!
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