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It’s not cool to support Israel

2023-10-18 (#001)

For someone growing up in North America, the Middle East has always been considered a complex issue. However, the current situation involving Hamas, which is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, and their brutal actions targeting families and communities in Israel, is not related to the concept of a free Palestine. This is not a conflict; it represents a stark reality of tearing families apart through murder and the abduction of elderly and children from their homes. These atrocities are reminiscent of horrors not witnessed since the Holocaust, and there is no ambiguity in the necessity to condemn and disseminate the truth about these events. #TikvaInternational"

Video Transcription:

I know that it's not cool to support
Israel I grew up in North America I get
it everybody says the middle least
conflict is complicated and they're torn
but you need to know that there is
nothing complicated about the situation
right now nothing to be torn up about
it's very plain and simple and the truth
is that with Kamas which is an
internationally recognized terrorist
organization the reality of what it
means to free Palestine looks like this
hords of people brutally massacred and
left in body piles like animals entire
families no entire communities erased
and families torn apart by death
children from their parents and parents
from their children who were shot
directly at gunpoint with their hands
tied behind their backs elderly
kidnapped from nursing homes children
kidnapped out of their beds and taken
hostage crying out for their moms and
for everything to
stop teenage
girls their bodies raped and maimed and
next to their dead bodies of their
friends and then their bodies taken and
proudly paraded naked through the
streets of Gaza civilians h in in their
homes and pretending to be dead for like
24 hours while getting hunted by Kamas
stories we haven't heard since the
Holocaust look at the videos read the
facts and consult your inner moral
compass condemn Kamas and weep for this
utter desecration of human life you
shouldn't be conflicted about the Middle
East anymore The Truth is Out share it
support Israel
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