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Kill everyone” - this was their command.

2023-10-24 (#039)

Evidence from the interrogation of Hamas terrorists captured by Israel after the October 7th attack. They criticize the commanders of Hamas and blame them for using civilians as human shields and causing death and destruction in Gaza. They were told to kill as many people as possible or to take as many hostages as possible. They were promised financial remuneration for hostages. $10,000 and an apartment. They tell of killing unarmed people and elderly people being kidnapped. They set houses on fire. A teenager was kidnapped after the terrorist took a selfie of himself with her. It is not quite clear what happened to an entire family who were in their pajamas. They killed a family of four as well as their dog, and an old lady and say that Islam forbids killing women and children and babies but not torture and abuse. They admit to being like Isis.

Video Transcription:

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