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Moral compass

2023-10-22 (#023)

Dr Phil talks about the October 7th Hamas attack that was marked by murder, rape, torture and kidnapping and constituted the greatest loss of Jewish life in one day since the Holocaust. The Hamas invaders were not soldiers, they were assassins. The Hamas charter calls for the anihilation of all Israeli Jews and of Jews around the world. Sadly, some people celebrated the slaughter, including American universities where the acts are being endorsed and celebrations are being held. Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA and Stanford are high profile examples that should be raising concern, in that they have revealed a disturbing collection of intellectual rot. Americans throughout America have been appalled and shocked, while the leadership of these supposedly highly sophisticated universities are busy virtue signalling and coddling students who think that horrific, inhumane violence is social justice. They have forgotten that it is their job to teach their students to think and to test reality. They are demagnetizing the American moral compass instead of training tomorrow's leaders. Martin Luther King Jr spoke of suffering not only from vitriolic enemies but from the silence in inaction. Dr Phil denounces the actions of Hamas as sick, twisted, disgusting, inexcusable and unjustified, not the acts of honorable soldiers or freedom fighters. Did they stop to think how many of their own children they have sacrified in the retaliation Hamas has brought down on the Gazans? Allowing organizations at universities to celebrate those acts of terror without consequences consists of a miserable failure of universities in shaping and educating those students It is their job to teach critical thinking that leads to rational response. Perhaps training those students how to think would lead them to realize they are not supporting Palestinians and Gazans when they are supporting Hamas who are not even Palestinians? Dr Phil says America knows right from wrong and must stand up for what it believes and knows is right, and call out those universities, asking how any of this is acceptable and how it is not recognized as racist, and asking how they don't recognize this huge teachable moment on these students' journey. Israel is America's friend and ally and Israel needs America to be its friend in bad times when it is easier not to be. Good friends are those coming in the door when everyone else is going out.

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