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New Rule: The Year of Sanity | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

2024-01-31 (283)

The battle for the soul of America isn’t Right vs. Left. It’s Normal vs. Crazy.

Video Transcription:

New rule for 2024.
America has to go back on its meds.
You know, over the holidays, I saw a lot of people,
and I asked them all the same two questions.
One, have you seen Woody Harrelson?
He's my ride.
And two, if I said, let's make 2024
the year of blank, what would you say?
I was surprised they all said the same thing.
Let's make this the year of sanity.
Everybody thinks we've gone bonkers.
Should it have been difficult when presidents of
elite collegeswere asked if it's okay to call for the
genocide of Jews, and they couldn't just say "fuck no"?
Can't anybody just say, "fuck no" anymore?

A terrorist organization in the Middle east that
treats women like slaves invaded Israel last October
and shot hundreds of young people at a
music festival in the desert.
And now America streets are full of parades in support
of the shooters, led by the exact kind of people
who would be at a music festival in the desert.
That's the literal standard for involuntary commitment
when you're a danger to yourself.
I mean, the NRA are bad, but after
a school shooting, they don't march against schools.
Thank you. One guy.
The far left's new crush is the Houthis.
Up until a week ago, everyone on TikTok thought a
Houthi was what you get when someone hits
your elbow. "You gave me a Houthi."
And the Houthi slogan is, God is great.
Death to the US, death to Israel,
curse the Jews, and victory for Islam.
"Like", "comment" and "subscribe".
So, naturally, when the college kids heard
that slogan, they said, please stop. You had me.
A death to the US. insane!
Insane that we're cheering for the terrorists. Now.
It's also insane to think that
this would ever come out well.
The battle for the soul of
this country isn't right or left.
It's normal versus crazy.

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