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Son of Hamas leader speaks out - Exposing Hamas goals.

2023-10-21 (#020)

Moussab Hassan Yousef, born at the heart of the Hamas leadership, the son of one of Hamas' founding members, has renounced Islam for Christianity. He speaks out about how Hamas does not care about the Palestinian people or have regard for human life. Hamas is a religious movement that aims at establishing an Islamic state. They are using the Paletinian cause to advance that goal and seek to transform the whole world into an Islamic world. Hamas is serving the agendas of Iran and Russia. Iran is the real master here and Hamas serves Iran, not the Palestinians. Israel did not start this ugly war. People are emotional when it comes to seeing children dying. There is evidence that Hamas is killing people at the hospital but they're blaming Israel. Gaza needs to be freed from Hamas. Israel is doing the Palestinian people a favor in doing so. Priority number one is to replace Hamas in the Gaza strip and replace it by a number of alternatives. But now is the time to ged rid of the most terrible terrorist organization in existence.

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