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South Africa Accuses Israel of Genocide

2024-01-07 (260)

South Africa is accusing Israel of genocide…but maybe they should focus a bit more on cleaning up their own act before throwing stones at others? The ANC government has been on an obsessive campaign to support dictatorships and smear Israel — even when it harms South Africans!
ILTV’s Emily Schrader underlines the utter hypocrisy of South Africa’s condemnation of Israel whilst aiding some of the worst dictators and human rights abusers including Russia and Iran.

Video Transcription:

you would think that a country which

experienced the horrors of apartheid

like South Africa would be a little bit

more knowledgeable about what genocide is

sadly South Africa under the ANC has

become a failed State obsessively

condemning Israel while aiding and

abetting some of the world's most

horrific dictators and human rights

abusers including Venezuela Cuba Russia

and Iran this is despite the fact that

regimes like that in Iran are actively

practicing gender apartheid the Islamic

Republic's values fundamentally

contradict the South African constitution

yet the ANC has close ties and even

put up Billboards of the ANC side by side

with Islamic regime officials even when

Iranians were in the streets protesting

when women were being shot in the eyes

imprisoned and tortured by the regime

the ANC government actually invited Islamic

regime president raisi to South Africa

is this how the ANC views women I suppose

it's not surprising given the fact that

under the ANC South Africa's become one of

the most dangerous countries in the

world for women leading the entire world

in rape and having astronomical numbers

of domestic violence and general violent

crime but while the ANC is busy smearing

Israel they're failing their own people

they can't keep the lights on in the

country with daily Nationwide rolling

blackouts they have a life expectancy

that's lower than Palestinians they have

been dubbed the headquarters for

terrorist financing for Africa which

resulted in the country being gry listed

for failure to adhere to Terror Finance

laws they have a Hamas office in Cape Town

have repeatedly welcomed Hamas

terrorists and use South African tax

dollars to fund the PLO Embassy in South

Africa after the October 7th Massacre

South Africa's foreign minister visited

Iran met with terrorist leaders and even

spoke with Hamas leader Ismael hania

congratulating him on the attack even

when Israel has offered to help South

Africa deal with internal food scarcity

and agriculture issues the ANC has spoken

out against it it was also the ANC which

led the campaign against Israel's

Observer status in the African Union

even though Israel has done tremendous

work to assist many African nations with

development and agricultural tech now

instead of condemning Hamas for sexual

violence torture murder and kidnapping

all in accordance with the genocidal

Hamas Charter South Africa's ANC is

accusing Israel of genocide the South

African government's obsession with

Israel and support for terror is pure

self-sabotage it's a violation of the

South African Constitution itself and

the ANC's extremism has turned a

democratic nation into a supporter of

dictatorships South African people

deserve better this is anti-Semitic

hypocrisy and it should be universally


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