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The Blood Of The People Of Gaza is on Haniyeh and the Hamas Leaders

2023-11-14 (#121)

Kuwaiti researcher Dr Fahd Al Shelaimi blames Haniyeh and Hamas leaders for the bloodshed in Gaza. Binyamin Netanyahu has been put on trial by the people. Who will put Hamas on trial for what has happened to thousands of Gazans? Hamas' only achievement has been to instill fear and to avoid accountability for Gazan deaths: they call them martyrs. Instead of focusing on educating and taking care of the people, they flee into their tunnels when the bombing begins and fire their rockets from there. Why don't they die as martyrs and bring along their children and families if this is martyrdom? Regular people die and have their homes destroyed instead! Hamas leaders should be put on trial for the sin they have committed against the Palestinian people. They are deceiving everyone. So who will put them on trial? They will face the trial of Allah for all the destruction and bloodshed they have caused!

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