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The game of numbers

2023-10-19 (#014)

This video is about "the game of numbers", about how people compare statistics of the number of dead Israelis and Palestinians in order to convince you that one side is more moral than the other, which makes people respond emotionally. This video is about what matters: intent and actions, not numbers, and explains why, giving several examples such as the vastly larger number of Germans killed in World War II or the more recent number of Russians who have died in the war with the Ukraine. Does that mean that the side that has the most casualties are the victims? Obviously not: in both casess they launched wars of agression and their intent was to kill innocent civilians. And now imagine if Russia launched rockets from residential buildings, hid them in churches and schools, built tunnels under civilian neighborhoods with the intent of kidnpping and killing as many people as possible. What would you expect the Ukrainians to do? Nothing? Just to allow it to happen? To stop defending itself as soon as the casualties are equal? Of course not! Look at the difference of how both sides of the Israel/Hamas conflict treats its civilians:Hamas who is inflicting horrific attacks on Israel, has wasted billions of dollars on rockets guns and tunnels, leaving the people of Gaza with absolutely no protection, while Israel invests in protecting its people. This is the reason for the disparity in the number of deaths on either side.

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