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The IDF does not want innocents to pay the price of war. Here is what it does:

2023-11-09 (#100)

Hamas does not care about Gazan civlians!The IDF has called for civilians to evacuate to southern Gaza, but Hamas has set up roadblocks to stop the migration. They use civilians as human shields by hiding under schools and hospitals, leaving their civilians unprotected. The IDF wants the people to move south, where humanitarian aid trucks enter every day providing a constant supply of water, food and medical aid. The IDF are also providing civilians a safe passage.

Video Transcription:

The IDF has been asking Gaza

civilians to evacuate to the south.

100 Humanitarian aid trucks enter

southern Gaza every day.

The IDF are providing civilians a

safe passage to the south.

Uria is receiving constant supply of water, food, and

medical aid, and it's far from the conflict zone.

Hamas doesn't care about Gaza's civilians.

Despite the IDF's calls to civilians to evacuate

to the south, Hamas has been setting up

roadblocks to maliciously stop the migration.

Hamas uses civilians as human shields.

While they are hiding under schools and hospitals,

while they're hiding in tunnels, they're civilians are

left unprotected for their own safety.

Please go south.

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