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The IDF has uncovered Hamas’ largest tunnel so far.

2023-12-21 (235)

The IDF has uncovered Hamas’ largest tunnel so far–only 400m from the Erez humanitarian crossing. This tunnel was utilized by Hamas to launch a deadly attack and destroy the crossing, a vital route for Gazans commuting to Israel for their livelihoods.

Video Transcription:

we're now inside the tunnel the biggest

tunnel we found until now in our operation

only 400 m from the eras

crossing where Gazans would enter and leave

Israel to work lies the biggest Kamas

terrorist tunnel the IDF has ever found

4 km long 50 m deep the tunnel was

established by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar's

brother and rightand man Muhammad Sinwar

Terrace tunnel splits into

branches of smaller tunnels and reaches

only 400 m from the areas Crossing it

was used to enable the underground

transport of vehicles movement of

terrorists and Logistics of Hamas arms

rockets and explosives need proof this

here is footage of the actual

construction of the terrorist tunnel

that IDF intelligence has retrieved from

Kamas the tunnel took years of

investment to complete and this here

inside this very tunnel is Muhammad

Sinwar who played an essential role in

making it all happen, the complex tunnel

network was constructed by a team of

dozens of specifically trained

operatives from Southern Gaza who

smuggle digging equipment into Gaza to

excavate the sophisticated Network like

other tunnels throughout Gaza the tunnel

network has multiple branches

electricity and sewage facilities

installed and blast do to protect the

branches from explosion and flooding

they mostly include extensive concrete

archers and multiple access shafts

consider the contrast years of

construction towards a tunnel designed

to kill civilians found 400 m from a

Crossing designed to improve gin's lives

the Aras Crossing was used purely for

the sake of gazin who wished to enter

and leave Israel to work while the

tunnel was a key factor in the movement

of the terrorists who targeted and

destroyed the crossing years of

investment went into making this tunnel

years of construction that could have

built schools hospitals shelters this is

hamas's top priority attacking Israel is

far more important to them than the

livelihood of Gaza and civilians

they built this dark place that we're here

now this dark place that meant to bring

horror ande Terror instead of Hope and coexistence

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