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The Israel & Palestine Double Standard

2023-12-20 (231)

People focus in on one aspect of the war and not the broader context.
Journalist Douglas Murray exposes the myth of Muslim solidarity
An intriguing recap of how Muslim countries and Western activists are addressing some events while completely ignoring others
We think it’s called DOUBLE STANDARDS

Video Transcription:

I'm so fed up of the double standards on

all of this um hundreds and hundreds of

thousands of Muslims have been killed in

the last 12 years by Bashar al- Assad

and other Muslims in the civil war in

Syria there's no one on the streets of

Sydney or Melbourne there's no one on

the Streets of London

we have seen hundreds of

thousands of people killed in the last

decade in Yemen, Muslims being killed

there's no one on the streets of

Melbourne nobody is standing outside the

Sydney Opera House calling gas the hutu

or gas the hoodi, gas the Shia, gas the..

nobody's marching for the dead

Muslims in Yemen

their co-religionists we're always

told about care so much about their

co-religionists don't give a damn about

their co-religionist they really don't

Muslims do not love other Muslims they

have no love for them they have no love

for the Palestinian peoples, none, if they

had any the jordanians would have taken

in the West Bank Palestinians, Egyptians

would have taken in the the the

territory they used to run the Gaza and

own the Gaza and they would have taken

in the Palestinians from the Gaza

why have the Egyptians made sure that not

one Palestinian is allowed to leave

Gaza? why why do they make sure that

their border wall is tough as anything

what do they mind? one thing

Jews living

Jews living and Jews winning

it hits them deep in their soul

in their psyche it's an Ancient Ancient

hatred, perhaps the most ancient among the

monotheisms and the deepest and the

ugliest the nastiest and the one that

that has been least addressed

and we've imported it as we

sit here , roughly the same populations

population of the Gaza is being forcibly

moved by the government of Pakistan

almost 2 million Muslims are

being moved by the Pakistani authorities

into Afghanistan

okay we have a very large

Pakistani Community here in the UK if

their country of origin can do that why

can't we? if it comes to that? if it comes

to that if it has to come to that and

why does nobody notice this why is

nobody saying this is an appalling War

crime by the Pakistani government well

only because there are so many Pakistani

politicians and others in the UK and

other countries who have a deep a deep

connection to their country of origin

and would never want to, to see it

looked at in a bad way, they will not

criticize that, they haven't said a word

about that

so, no I think that if you are zoning in

zooming in on Israel, lambasting

Israel and are

basically not bothered with everything

else in the world you're not you're not

motivated by anything other than being


anti-semitic, of course and and it

just has to be said I mean I've said

this so many times that I Tire myself

with it but it's necessary to say

anti-Semitism is a shape shifter, it's

a shape-shifting virus it can come from

anywhere at times in the past it was the

case that people didn't like Jews

because they were seen to be a different

religion and and strange and different

and so they were hated for their

religion then after the wars of religion

you couldn't hate anyone for their

religion so people started to hate the

Jews for their race and after the

Holocaust you couldn't hate people

because of their race anymore so people

hated the Jews because of their Nation

on and

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