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The Truth About Proportional Response: Unveiling the Reality

2023-10-18 (#003)

Douglas Murray is a British author and political commentator. He is the founder of the Center for Social Cohesion and serves as an Associate Editor at The Spectator. In this interview with the BBC, he was asked whether he believes that Israel's bombing of Gaza was a proportionate response to the events of October 10th. His response criticizes Britain's obsession with 'proportionality,' suggesting that if Israel were to be truly proportionate, they would have had to replicate the exact number of actions committed by Hamas on October 7th. He argued that the concept of proportionality in a conflict is often unrealistic, as it expects Israel to respond with precise measures matching the actions of its adversaries. #DouglasMurray #BBC #ProportionateResponse"

Video Transcription:

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