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To all pro-Palestinian activists out there

2023-10-25 (#043)

A message for pro-Palestinian activists. Your heart is undoubtedly in the right place. You don't want to see people suffering or dying. What we don't agree on is who to blame. If Hamas' attack had ended after attacking military bases, it's fair game in conflict. But then they went into the towns and massacred civilians, butchered, raped, decapitated them. Mass murder at a music festival. Does that aid the wellbeing of the Palestinian people? And moments after the massacre Palestinians went out into the streets and celebrated. Doesn't that make you wonder? After the media immediately blamed Israel for bombing Al Ahli hospital despite all the evidence of it being an Islamic Jihad rocket that misfired, they didn't retract. They didn't even check their sources. Besides, how can you count 500 bodies in less than an hour? Hamas denied targeting civilians at the music festival after the terrorist recorded their acts using bodycams, but Hamas says it's Israeli propaganda,although the evidence was not provided by the Israeli media. By all means, go out and demonstrate for the Palestinian people, but why tear down posters of hostages? Taking them down is not recognizing the suffering of innocents. If people display swastika symbols and call to "gas the Jews" is that still a demonstration for the safety of the Palestinian people? Or is it a call for the extermination of the Jewish people? Is that human loving behavior? "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free". Free from what? The Christian Arabs, the Bedouins, the Druze, all of whom identify themselves as Israelis? Or free from Jews? This is not about the West Bank or the 1967 borders or the occupied territories, this is about everything. If you do wish to erase all Israelis and/or Jews, doesn't that make you question your humanitarian intentions? Chants of "Intifada" are chants of violence. The Intifada consisted of a series of suicide bombings, run over attacks, shootings and stabbings. Is that pro-Palestinian or is it anti-Israel? Let's face it, if you were silent about the Hamas massacre and ask for a ceasefire only after Israel retaliated, if you ignore the hostages and deny the massacre even after they released all of their footage, if you were outraged when you believed Israel had bombed the hospital but remained silent when it emerged that the Islamic Jihad was the culprit, if you march with people calling for Jews to be gassed or calling for Intifada or "From the River to the Sea", try to think which side you choose to believe. If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't lie to us or to yourself. You're not calling for the safety of innocents, you're advocating for the destruction of the only Jewish country in the world. And even if you are, we've had enough of massacre, murder, burning, rape and kidnapping, and we ARE going to protect our right to exist.

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