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UN for Palestine

2023-11-23 (#149)

Australian media ‘duped’ by UN Rapporteur for Palestine claiming to be ‘impartial’ Sky News host Sharri Markson says the Australian media has been “duped” by UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine Francesca Albanese, who claimed to be “impartial”. Ms Markson says the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine travelled to Australia on a trip “funded by the Palestinian lobby”. “Where she only had angry words to say about Israel,” she said. “Albanese's trip to Australia was sponsored by Palestinian lobby groups, the Australian Friends of Palestine Association and the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network, as well as the Free Palestine Melbourne and Palestinian Christians in Australia groups.” Ms Markson was joined by commentator Jason Morrison and former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop to discuss this. Take a stand, share this, the world should know the truth 🙏 #rejectfake #standwithisrael #hamasisisis #TikvaInternational #FreeGazaFromHamas #foryo #fyp Join Tikva International on all platforms, help us spread the word🌎 Social -- @TikvaInternational

Video Transcription:

Well, the Australian media have been duped by a

woman who claimed to be an impartial United Nations

rapporteur, but in actual fact was here on a

trip funded by the Palestinian lobby.

You'll remember the publicity sweep that Francesca Albanese

did on Australian television, where she only had

angry words to say about Israel?

Israel cannot claim the right of self defense against

a threat that emanate from the territory it occupies.

The thing is that there shouldn't have been a blockade for

16 years, enabling Hamas to rule over Gaza as it has

done against the will of the people 56 years ago.

And 40 years ago, Hamas was not

there, and Israel was building settlement.

And they are illegal both in the

West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.

Is Hamas using this hospital as a command center?

You need to ask Israel to provide proof that

it is using it, because, look, we have gone

through five major wars before this one, and Israel

has attacked hospitals and ambulances, claiming that they were

being used by Hamas for military purposes.

And most of these cases, the allegations proved false.

Just saying president.

All propaganda.

And when she was on Sky News, pete Stepanovic did a

tough interview with her and put her through her paces.

But Francesca Albanese's bias was then further exposed when

the project host, Walid Ali, asked her this very

important question what would be the right response from

Israel to the terror attacks on October 7?

Were her answer zero.

Response from Israel? Nothing.

Have a look.

In your view, what would the

correct response have looked like?

The response was to be given in

terms of law enforcement because Gaza is

occupied and it's under Belligerent occupation.

So Israel has powers to enforce the law and

to pursue all security measures that are deemed necessary.

Considering that this is occupied territory, it could

have relied on the United Nations to demilitarize

Hamas if this was the target.

So, no, Israel shouldn't have responded to the

worst terror attacks, the worst loss of life

for the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

I'll just send in the UN to take weapons off Hamas.

What a farcical response.

The Red Cross haven't even been

able to visit the Israeli hostages.

As if the UN could have taken weapons off Hamas.

Now, if that interview with the project and

all of her public commentary didn't expose her

claims of independence as fraudulent, well, what I'm

about to tell you certainly does.

Well, first, the executive director of United Nations

watch Hillel Nua, came on this program on

Tuesday evening, and he showed us how Francesca

pretends to be neutral, but actually has a

long history of dangerous remarks against Israel.

Neither her position nor her own background

have anything to do with impartiality.

Her mandate is only to investigate Israel, and the reason

they picked her is because she is extremely biased.

This is someone who, in 2014, wrote on Facebook

that, quote, america is subjugated by the Jewish Lobby.

This is someone who a year ago, in November

2022, spoke to a Hamas conference of terrorists and

she said, quote you have a right to resist.

This is someone who has regularly compared the

situation of Palestinians to the Nazi Holocaust.

So she is the last thing that

has anything to do with impartiality, neutrality,

objectivity, and she should be exposed.

Well, hillel nua, as I said from united

nations watch, he's now revealed that Albanese's trip

to Australia was sponsored by Palestinian lobby groups.

And these groups, the Australian Friends of

Palestine Association, the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network,

as well as the Free Palestine, Melbourne

and Palestinian Christians in Australia groups.

This is in breach of the United Nations

own Code of Conduct that bars experts from

taking any gift, favor or remuneration.

Article Three of the Code of Conduct states that UN

figures should be, and I quote, free from any kind

of extraneous influence, either direct or indirect, and they may

not seek or accept any favor, gift or remuneration from

any non governmental source for activities carried out in pursuit

of his or her mandate.

Well, United Nations Watch has now filed papers

with the UN chief calling for Francesca Albanese's

removal from her position as UN special Rapporteur.

And she should immediately be removed.

And she should have made it clear in every single

one of those media appearances on the ABC's Q A

at the National Press Club on the project that her

trip was sponsored by Palestinian lobby groups.

Jewish groups had sent a letter to the ABC

demanding that Francesca Albanese not be given a platform

on Q A because of all of the disgraceful

and anti Semitic views she's expressed in the past.

Well, the ABC ignored the demand and

had her on the show anyway.

Now it seems the public broadcaster owes Australian

viewers and the Jewish community an apology.

They presented someone as independent, when in fact she

was here being paid to be in Australia, to

sprout hateful views against Israel and Jews to discuss.

Joining me now, commentator Jason Morrison and

former speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop.

Welcome to you both.

Bronwyn, what's your reaction to this?

It looks like a fraud, if

not a clear conflict of interest.

I'm not surprised I bothered to take a look.

Since the inception of the United Nations Human Rights

Council, there have been 45 motions condemning Israel.

The United Nations clearly just is against Israel again

and again and again, and she's part of that.

But it does make you ask this question the sheer

brutality of what was done on the 7 October which

people wouldn't publish because of how it would affront.

I think people need to know that brutality,

because what it was designed to do perhaps

was to make Israel retaliate with force and

say we're going to get rid of Hamas.

In the meantime, there's been work right across the

Palestinian support groups to drum up anti semitism or

due hatred right across the world, plus the United

Nations send her out here to try and give

it a bit of respectability and don't identify her

as being part of that Palestinian pan movement.

And when I see those children in the streets,

yes, today in Melbourne, I just go back to

the tactics that socialists around the world always use.

And it's in their DNA.

They all have a youth movement and the

reason is that they're easier to persuade.

There's little resistance because the

knowledge base isn't there.

And so it's not surprising to me that those people who

are activists within the education system and in places of power

can use it to drum up those kids to be sprouting

things, many of which, I would think some of them didn't

even know the meaning, mean a lot of what they were

saying today at those school protests in Melbourne.

And Jason.

There were hundreds of school students there.

They're meant to be in class.

Instead, they're being indoctrinated to hate Israel

and Jews and they'll be back tomorrow.

There's one organised in Sydney, and the

propaganda, I'll call it that, that's been

passed around on social media.

It's vile stuff and it's kids saying it.

I mean, these aren't university idiots.

Your classic dickheads from university out saying it.

These are children in high schools that are

now repeating this, you know, back a little.

Step on this albanese.

Doesn't it say so much about the Australian media?

Did anyone for a moment stop and think, hang on,

there's a crisis in the Middle East right now, and

she's out here doing the press club in Australia, right

in the middle of all of this.

That she thought, this where she

should be right now, is here.

And no one stopped to say, hey, who's paying for you?

Or did anyone for a minute and this is

an insight into, I guess, the Australian media, you

put the letters UN in front of anyone's name

or professor in front of someone's name.

There's sort of this sort of suggestion, particularly in

the ABC, that, oh, they're beautifully white and not

they're not affected by bias or prejudice. That's her.

It was a giveaway from the moment she

opened a trap, that she was out here

on a propaganda tour and nobody stopped.

And how many times she popped up in the

ABC and your little montage, I think twice.

Then there's ABC Radio, that would have had

a few cracks at her and she would

have been reported repeatedly in the news.

And no one all these journalists that are apparently there

to look into the depth of all of these things,

no one stopped for a second to ask the question.

And those organizations that sponsored her, don't forget

that many of those organizations are directly or

indirectly supported by government agencies given funding through

multicultural grants, either directly or, you know, the

taxpayer is kicking in on all of this.

It is disgraceful and good on you and UN.

Watch for calling it out.

And to the Australian media, that kind of

missed know I don't know where you're looking.

Yeah, no Hillel nuer does an absolutely

brilliant job over there in Geneva.

We have him on the show often.

Look, to go to a

different topic, this immigration scandal.

The Daily Telegraph, a big exclusive today, reports

that the Labour government actually doesn't know how

many detainees are wearing ankle bracelets.

They're unable to confirm and bronwyn.

This has, in a way,

really shocked the labor government.

They didn't expect this was going to blow up

into a scandal after the High Court decision.

And it did take kind of a few days

for the opposition, hammering them with questions, first for

them to introduce legislation that meant the criminals could

have ankle bracelets, but now no one seems to

be monitoring who's wearing them and who's not.

Look, I've never seen such a mess as

a government and I've seen quite a few.

This one takes the cake.

It's got ministers who are not

on top of their portfolios.

It's got a mantra that says, it's

not our fault, it's all their fault.

They have not taken responsibility for anything.

Even the Minister herself, when she was asked

claire O'Neill claire O'Neill, when she was asked

about this question of the braces, oh, well,

that's almost a child's fault.

It's his responsibility.

She has not been responsible

to take responsibility for anything.

So it's time she resigned or was sacked, one or

the other, and put in someone with some knowledge.

There was a warning back in June when Justice

Gleason, who's the daughter of the former Chief Justice

Gleason, who was one of the people who voted

20 years ago that it was unconstitutional, gave a

warning and said, this isn't looking good.

At that moment, they should have tweaked.

From that moment, there should have been a whole

series of alternatives put in place so that when

that judgment came down, if it was adverse, then

they immediately had a strategy and legislation ready to

go to protect the community.

But none of that's done because there

is no structure to the government.

It was all the voice, and once he got the

voice up, the next thing was, oh, it worked.

We could put up a proposition, didn't give him many

facts, so we whizzed it through, next we'll do the

Republic, and then my job's done, I'm terrific in history.

Well, that blew up. Didn't know.

You watch this and you think it's

actually too ridiculous to be accidental.

The incompetence is too ridiculous to be accidental.

The number one reason federal government exists

is for the protection of the people,

and on this they have failed.

And you look and you say, well, the Minister mean.

She's just bunny in the headlights on Mean.

Remember when she was with Donald Trump Jr? Yeah.

She's quick on Twitter saying childish things. Exactly.

She still thinks she's playing a game.

I'm sorry, madam, this is the real game.

This is the real deal here.

And you're letting Australians down and you're leaving

people who should be protected by the government.

That's your job.

You're leaving them exposed.

Jason, just very quickly, this is the biggest issue

that's probably cut through to the Australian public.

What do you think?

Well, it just says they don't care and I keep going.

This their number one reason we have Commonwealth Government, because

we've got so many other levels of government in this

country, the number one reason we have is protects of

the people and they fail on that front and that's

an indicator that they don't give a rats.

And if that's how you're going to be judged for

your time in government, you can have all the selfies

you want all around the world with every leader, but

if you can't guarantee the Australian people that when it

comes to the crunch that you'll be there to protect

them, you've failed and they are failing.

Well, the words in the constitution are that

they should govern with the peace, welfare and

good government for the people of Australia.

That's what they're required to do.

And the constitution is very clear on that.

Doesn't need interpretation at all.

BrianWood Bishop, Jason Morrison, thank you both

so much for your time today.

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