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Violence and antisemitism preached at UNRWA's schools.

2023-11-19 (#132)

UN Watch and IMPACT-se released a report detailing how teachers and schools at this agency regularly call to murder Jews, and create teaching materials that glorify terrorism and encourage martyrdom.

Video Transcription:

At multiple schools and teachers glorifying

terrorism, endorsing violence, and praising martyrdom.

Those were the findings of a joint report on

UNRA schools, the UN funded Schools for Palestinian refugees.

UNRA teachers and staff were also

documented demonizing Israelis, promoting anti Semitism,

and denying Israel's existence.

Some even praise the October 7 terrorist attacks.

NTD spoke with the executive director of UN

Watch, who says American taxpayers pay for this.

The 2023 joint report on UNRA School Indoctrination

comes from UN Watch and the Institute for

Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education.

It identified well over a hundred UNRA teachers and

staff that promote hate and violence on social media.

The report was presented to Congress last week as

it considers bills to eliminate funding for the agency.

It was submitted to the UN with no answer.

Yet we've not seen any action.

Anyone fired?

These are teachers who glorified one of the worst

atrocities of our time, a mass terrorist attack.

Hillel Newer, executive director of UN Watch, told

NTD that US taxpayers are paying them.

They called them heroes, the murderers.

They called them princes, said it's a

glorious day and we're paying for it.

I'm living in Switzerland. I'm Canadian.

Both those countries, Canada and

Switzerland, give money to UNRA.

The United States is giving well over

$300 million a year to UNRA.

The American taxpayer is paying for teachers

who are celebrating the murder of Jews.

Former President Trump cut all US

funding for UNRA in 2018.

The State Department called it

an irredeemably flawed operation.

After reviewing the agency's business model

and practices, the Biden administration brought

funding with conditions back in 2021.

If a teacher in the United States, at a public

school were found to be glorifying Hitler and celebrating the

masked murder of anyone, that teacher would be fired immediately,

would never go before a classroom again.

Why is it that Palestinian children are

denied their basic human rights and the

UnitEd nations is knowingly employing teachers who

are indoctrinating Palestinian children, the next generation,

if you will, to become Hamas murderers.

That's what the UN is doing of the UN's guarantee

They teach us that Jews are terorosist

Right now I'm prepared to be a suicide bomber

With Allah's help, I will fight for ISIS the Islamis state

Newer says its a vaiolesion of the UN's guarantee

and its founding charter to treat all nations equally.

He says the double standard and focus

on Israel takes attention off other countries'issues,

that need to be addressed.

The UN never addressed the persecution of the Uighurs.

China is immune, has never been

criticized by the General Assembly.

If we speak of the Human Rights Council,

as you mentioned, China is a member the

Islamic Republic of Iran, which beats, blinds, tortures

women for the crime of protesting.

They were made the chair of

a UN Human rights forum recently.

These are breaches of the UN sounding principles

which are supposed to protect human rights. It's absurd.

And regular people around the world are losing

credibility in the UN when they spend all

their time demonizing the Jewish state and giving

a free pass to the world's worst dictatorships.

Newer says decent countries need to do

the right thing and speak out.

The fact that Cuba got 146 votes to be

elected to the Human Rights Council is absurd.

The fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran was

made the chair of this UN Human Rights Forum

just two weeks ago and no one said anything.

I mean, the US made a statement, but that was it.

The European Union said nothing. That's shameful.

So our democracies, they won't always win the

votes, but they have to fight back.

They have to speak out.

They have to go on the record.

Record and defend the principles

of democracy and human rights.

And we're not seeing that.

We're seeing a lot of political cowardice and that's why

the dictators are winning the day at the UN.

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