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What do they teach in the Palestinians schools?

2024-01-03 (256)

EXPOSED: The UN School in Gaza Supports Terrorism

Video Transcription:

thank you for yielding me the time I

want to speak specifically uh as both

sides have mentioned what goes on in

this education uh Within These unrap

Palestinian Authority run

schools people can find images of these

nobody's going to be able to see them on

a camera but let's read them

specifically an example of a Fourth

Grade Palestinian math problem the

number of Martyrs in the first Intifada is

226 Martyrs and the number of Martyrs in

the El-Aktsa Intefada

is 5,050 Martyrs the number of Martyrs in

the two Entifadas is how many Martyrs?

another example seventh grade

physics problem people can look at and

we could find many examples of this this

is on Newton's Second Law during the

First Palestinian Uprising Palestinian

youths used slingshots to confront the

soldiers of the Zionist occupation and

defend themselves from their treacherous

bullets what's the relationship between

the elongation of the slingshots Rubber

and the tinsel strength affecting it

that's their physics work another

example again Palestinian Authority runs

schools in conjunction with the United

Nations a geography

question this one asks sixth graders the

borders of Palestine which completely

erase the existence of

Israel they're not interested in a

two-state solution

I agree I don't think a

two-state solution is a good idea but

they're interested in a one-state

solution in which no Israel exists at all

that's what's being taught in the

schools and that's what no US taxpayer

dollar should be sent to support it all

and that's the purpose of the request

for the information on what's going on

with this un United Nations funded


before I give uh back the remainder of

my time I just want to give this

reminder that these are not Hamas run

Schools they're not Palestinian Islamic

Jihad run Schools they're not Al AA

martyr's Brigade run Schools they're not

Lion's Den run schools they are

Palestinian Authority run schools what

we could consider the Palestinian

government right the Palestinian

government that at one point has been a

majority of Hamas members in that

government this Palestinian Authority

runs schools this is their government

teaching it's the UN teachings this is

what the

teachers maybe not considered Hamas but

let's consider them Rank and file

Palestinians are teaching the students

this is what the rank and file students

across the area are learning this is

what their parents are seeing them

taught and I think this is what we're

seeing be Profesed by extremists across

Times Square Harvard T Lane and other

places and I consider it extremely

anti-emetic and very dangerous and in

that I yield back the remainder of my time

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