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When you defend women’s rights, defend all the women.

2023-12-21 (232)

Someone called me an “extremist” because I spoke up for respect and protection for all women. I asked what extreme position they were specifically speaking about of course no response. Because there is none.
What I said is that Jews are human beings. We can’t tolerate antisemitism. That Hamas is a terror organization. We must unequivocally condemn terrorisms.
What I said is that when you say MeToo, it has to be about all women, also women from other political divides and women like the Jewish women who were raped on October 7 in Israel.
When you defend women’s rights, defend all the women.
If saying that all the women are equal and saying that anti-Semitism is unacceptable,
is extremist, I don’t know how they call the real extremists.
The problem is that when they call you extremist
because you are having a free opinion, they put a target on you. And then the radical Muslims are going to try to kill you. This is what is happening in Europe and then nobody wants to speak. I refuse.
Together, we must protect the Europe
that we want for our children. Thank you very much and good luck.

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