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You should be afraid!

2023-10-21 (#018)

This Malibu Italian begins by saying she has zero agenda, and has friends on both sides of the conflict. She admits to not being very knowledgeable but states some undeniable facts: she has seen no Israeli soldiers pulling girls through the streets by their hair after raping them; no Israeli soldiers spitting on the bodies of young women they've just killed; Jewish people tearing down posters of baby hostages; Jewish people marching in the streets calling for the death of an entire community. Looking in from the outside, this girl says she is terrified, afraid of sending her daughter to school, and not because of Jewish people...She calls on all those ripping down posters and spewing hate to take a good look at theselves and ask themselves why. She believes that freeing the Palestinians doesn't mean torturing the Jewish people.

Video Transcription:

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