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October 7th


Impact on the west



Antisemitism in Women's Organizations

In the aftermath of the October 7th attack by Hamas, which involved egregious acts of sexual violence against Israeli women, there has been a noticeable silence from major global women's rights organizations. Despite clear evidence of systematic sexual brutality, these organizations have largely refrained from condemning or even acknowledging these acts.

This lack of response has led to significant criticism and disappointment, particularly among Israeli and Jewish women who feel betrayed by the absence of solidarity from groups typically dedicated to combating gender-based violence.
The silence of these organizations not only undermines their credibility but also raises concerns about their commitment to inclusivity and impartiality in addressing violence against women, regardless of the victims' ethnic or religious backgrounds.
This situation highlights a critical gap in the global discourse on women's rights and the need for a more consistent and inclusive approach to advocating for all victims of sexual violence.



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