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"It was a blood-curdling terrorist attack on men, women and children"

2023-12-31 (249)

Two Months Leading Up to the Gaza-Israel War: A Comprehensive Summary Covering Various Aspects of the Conflict.

Video Transcription:

as I just said it's now 2 months since

the Unspeakable horrors of the Hamas

terrorist attack were Unleashed on

vulnerable communities in southern

Israel I'll show you in a moment the gut

churning interpretations some people are

promoting of those October the 7th

atrocities for now the fighting and

Trauma continues in Gaza as Israel tries

to eliminate Hamas terrorists the

bombings in Gaza are intense

and undoubtedly and tragically there

will be civilian casualties but the

number of Innocents killed is unknown

and any numbers coming out of Gaza are

controlled by Hamas and simply cannot be

trusted they form part of the terror

groups propaganda war and too many in

the media and elsewhere are happy to

Parrot their numbers and Echo their

claims this is how it always plays out

in the Middle East Terror groups subject

Israel to random attacks attacks and

violence then when Israel responds the

terror propagandists turn the world

against Israel always claiming the

response is disproportionate always

inflating civilian casualties always

deliberately placing civilians In Harm's

Way and always getting the UN and the

media to amplify their propaganda claims

that make Israel the villain islamist

extremist groups only exist to eradicate

Israel and the Jewish people that's in

the Hamas Charter Hamas is not

interested in a two-state solution they

cannot abide

coexistence yet they manag to Marshall

Public support particularly from the

political left as if they represent

Palestinian aspirations for Statehood

Hamas are not an organization for

Palestinian aspiration they are a

bloodthirsty islamist terror group and

it's hard to Fathom how the world now

pretends ends that Hamas is somehow a

legitimate vehicle for pal Palestinian

Ambitions when you consider how the

current War started it seems that many

of the protesters or useful idiots in

the west either don't know the facts or

simply ignore them Gaza was not occupied

by Israel on October the 7th Israel

ended its occupation of Gaza 15 years

ago forcibly removing all the Jewish

amilies who were living in Gaza and

didn't want to leave for years instead

of embracing their freedom building

their economy and forging their future

the people of Gaza elected Hamas to lead

them and Hamas set about firing deadly

Rockets into Israel killing injuring and

terrorizing random civilians and Hamas

has built tunnels it's commandeered Aid

allocations accumulated weapons and it's

crushed any descent on the threat of

death and on October the 7th this year

on a peaceful morning unprovoked Hamas

terrorists left Gaza and went into

Israel and what they did there was not

an act of Liberation it was not an act

of military resistance against an

occupier it was not an attempt to weaken

military installations or surveillance

it was a blood curdling terrorist attack

on men women and children Innocents who

were tortured raped and murdered and

while the media is full of untested

claims about civilian deaths in Gaza

claims we know are either false or

grossly exaggerated remember the lies

about the hospital well while the media

runs all this they do not share the

facts the known facts the videotaped

corroborated and sickening facts of

October the 7th that's partly because

because the facts are too traumatic too

graphic to show but even too depraved to

talk about I've seen much of it on video

and I've seen eyewitness accounts that

are just too disturbing to broadcast and

that I can never

unremember so instead have a look at a

journalist account of what he saw on

video and a warning even this is

distressing children are being hunted

down and killed um there are old people

who are hunted down and killed I mean

like running through a village trying to

find them and then killing them and then

continuing to shoot them after their

death what became of some of the people

we didn't see die uh we saw children who

were covered in blood who were blinded

uh who had lost their parents and uh you

know this is this is this is really


stuff just terrific and that's the stuff

we can show you that's not too bad not

too disturbing and the Hamas atroities

were especially disgusting against women

there was rape and sexual violence too

horrific to describe on air and none

other than Hillary Clinton has called

out those who ignore it many women and

girls were attacked brutally by Hamas on

October 7th and they have testified to

the gender-based violence that they both

experienced and witnessed it is

outrageous that some who claim to stand

for justice are closing their eyes and

their hearts to the victims of

Hamas and don't forget never forget the

hostages we've seen the video footage

some of it shot by the terrorists

themselves as they took young women at

gunpoint and even mothers and their

babies some have been traded back to

Israel in exchange for the release of

Palestinian criminals others have been

killed another 138 still await their

fate this is not the act of an oppressed

people seeking Freedom this is not a

reaction to being

occupied yet at New York's Columbia

University one planned student event

referred to octo October the 7th as a


offensive a counter offensive what a

disgusting insult to the babies young

women mothers and fathers slaughtered

for nothing other than being Jewish that

event has been cancelled or at least

renamed but the sentiment seems

widespread especially in universities

it's sickening listen to these students

at the same University glorifying this

terrorism as some kind of revolutionary

act on October 7th the Palestinian

Liberation Fighters demonstrated their

refusal to be dominated they show the

world that the Palestinian people will

fight for Freedom instead of quietly

adapting to subjugation they showed us

that through creativity determination

and combined strength the mes can

accomplish great feats a fact we have

seen in every heroic struggle for

Liberation from Vietnam to

Afghanistan D to struggle D to

win for these sios these fools this is


Vietnam and listen to this student from

Boston a young woman with a Jewish

mother and a Muslim father no less and

here the repulsive attitudes attitudes

that she's

encountered for my part I was forced to

leave my study group for my doctoral

exams halfway through the semester

because my group members told me that

the people at the Nova Music Festival

deserved to die because they were

partying on Stolen

land what is happening in Liberal

democracies when this sort of

anti-Semitism this sort of irrational

hatred is rushing so easily to the

surface the animalistic atrocity of

October the 7th should not be used by

anyone including activists in the west

to push the political aim of Palestinian

statehood this was a deliberate attempt

to inspire islamist extremism and Jew

hatred everywhere and to ensure that

Bloodshed and chaos continues in the

Middle East the loudest calls now should

be for Hamas to release all hostages

immediately until Hamas hands back every

hostage and stops firing rockets and

bullets at Israel it cannot rationally

portray Israel as the aggressor

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