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16 years of Hamas in Gaza:. This is what they've done to protect their citizens.

2023-11-01 (#071)

Hamas has controlled Gaza since 2007. In those 16 years, they've built an above ground and an underground Gaza for themselves with thousands of kilometers of tunnels . Hamas has got Gaza involved in 7-8 wars over those16 years, and they have not built one single shelter for the people! *Note: btw ..The courageous comments in the video are made by an Egyptian journalist, speaking out boldly from within Egypt.

Ibrahim Eissa (Arabic: إبراهيم عيسى) (born 9 November 1965) is an Egyptian journalist and TV personality best known for co-founding the popular Egyptian weekly Al-Dustour. He is currently editor-in-chief of Al Tahrir, which he co-founded in July 2011.

Video Transcription:

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