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9-Year-Old Hamas Hostage Comforts Her Father During Piers Morgan Interview

2024-01-17 (269)

9-Year-Old Hamas Hostage Comforts Her Father During Piers Morgan Interview

Video Transcription:

I've just been sent a note that two more

hostages have now been confirmed to have been killed.

That's just been breaking news as I'm talking to

you, which just goes to show that the.

The horror of people who've now had to wait a hundred

days and then to get news like that, it is.

It's unimaginable to me what everyone in

that position must be going through.


It's an absolute nightmare.

Sorry, but do you have their names at all?

Yes, I do.

I've just been sent it now.

Hamas has released a video appearing to show

bodies of two hostages, Yossi Sharabi and Itai

Sievetsky, who appeared alive in a video.

They were in a video released by the group yesterday.

In a new video, the third hostage, Noa Agamani,

says the pair were killed because of israeli airstrikes.

She was obviously speaking as a hostage.

Hamas has produced no evidence for that claim,

but this follows that video they released yesterday.

So Noa is gone.

It seems that Noa's alive and was making

the video announcement that the other two had

died at the hands of an israeli airstrike.

Right? Yeah.


No, it wasn't Ellie.

It was Yossi.

Yossi? Yes.

Yossi Sharabi and Spiritsky again, they were

from Kibutz Beri, and Spiritsky was with Emily

for the whole duration of her captivity.

There was nothing wrong with

him, so they've killed him.


And of course, blaming the IDF.

Why wouldn't you? Yeah.

Well, thank God Noa is alive and

hopefully she will stay that very.

I'm so sorry to have had to told you that.

I just felt it was important, given you

were just talking directly about the hostages, that

you should be aware of that news.
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