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Britain's Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps about the war in Gaza

2023-11-13 (#113)

Britain's Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, is interviewed and asked about proportionality in the Israel-Gaza war. He believes that Israel must act with humanity and emphasizes the IDF contacting civilians warning them to get out of harm's way before they go after Hamas terrorists. Unfortunately, in war, civilians get killed, all the more so with an organization like Hamas who use civilians as human shields. Israel is in a difficult position because civilians are getting caught up. No one wants to see that but you have to imagine what Britain would have done had it been subject to a terrorist attack that left 1400 people murdered, including the decapitation of some. The rockets are stored in underground bunkers. How can Britain ask Israel not to destroy those bunkers? The answer is for Hamas to stop using civilians as human shields and to release the hostages, some of whom are British. Enormous efforts are being made to get them released. Right is going after Hamas!

Video Transcription:

But some of Israel's allies, like France, like

the United States, are starting to express concern

about the extent of the response.

Do you think Israel has gone too far in

its response to the horror of what happened?

President Macron even said it should stop.

There should be a ceasefire.

Does the UK believe that

Israel is acting proportionately?

The UK believes strongly that Israel

must act within international humanity.

Not my question, law.

And secondly, I've seen and actually read on the

BBC in particular very detailed accounts of how Israel

military leaders have called up people and asked for

their assistance in ensuring that civilians in Gaza are

moved before they go after Hamas terrorists.

I think it's kind of, we sort of forgotten

that in war, very sadly, people lose their lives.

When Britain bombed Dresden, 35,000

people apparently lost their lives.

People die in war.

When you have an organization like Hamas

hiding and shielding themselves with and under

the civilian population, it's a sad fact

that some people will lose their lives.

See, though, that some of Israel's allies,

like the US, like France, are uneasy

with the scale of that response.

That's not to say no civilians are

going to be caught up in this.

That is the sad reality of what people see

happening right now that do you believe, I ask

again, what Israel is doing is proportionate.

I think Israel obviously is in a difficult

place because when they go after the terrorists,

some civilians are getting caught up.

No one wants to see a civilian life.

It doesn't matter if it's an

Israeli or somebody from Gaza taken.

However, if Britain had been subject to an

attack of terrorists coming in, murdering 1400 people,

cutting off heads, we would not.

And we knew where those terrorists had gone.

No one would be saying to Britain, just stop going

after them, even though you know, those tunnels, those, those

caves that they operate from, where all of those tens

of thousands of rockets are being stored, how can we

ask Israel not to go and destroy those bunkers?

And unfortunately, in war, you end up in a

situation where other people get caught up in it.

The answer is for Hamas to stop using those people

as human shields and by the way, release the over

200 hostages they have, some of whom are Brits.

And so we should absolutely be on the side of.

Right, and Wright in this case is going after Hamas.

Can you tell us anything about

the British hostages you mentioned there?

Only that we are working our socks off to

try to get them released, working very closely in

ways I can't go into on TV.

And I'm arranging to speak to the families

of some of the British hostages as well.

And our thoughts are with those who are being held.

Well over 200 every single day.

They've been, I think, in some

ways forgotten in this conflict.

It's where it started.

And the wrong is entire on Hams's side

for keeping them hostage at this time.

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