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Claiming Hamas is freedom fighter?

2023-10-24 (#031)

To those of you claiming that Hamas are freedom fighters fighting for their land, here's a bit of history: before 1948, the territory was called Palastina because the Roman Emperor Hadrian expelled the Jews and erased the name Judea, changing it to Syria-Palastina which evolved to Palestine. Can all of those claiming there was once a state of Palestine name its President, say what kind of army it had, name its Prime Minister? Unlikely because there was never a state called Palestine. The Jewish people are not colonialists in land of Israel. Israel is, in fact 3000 years old. In 2005, Israel completely evacuated all Jews from Gaza, thereby giving the Gazans sovereignty. So, by UN protocols, Israel owes Gaza nothing. But Israel kept on supplying electricity, food, water out of humanitarinism and it was all paid for by Israeli tax payers. Why should Israel continue supporting a terror state that wants to destroy it?

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