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Do you fight for war or do to fight for peace?

2023-11-03 (#080)

Do you fight for war or for peace? You don't have to love Israel to support it. An image of World War III, showing the place where it started, ground zero with dozens of dead bodies. Well, it's hypothetical and the apocalyse isn't here yet, but in order to avoid it happening, Israel needs the help of you people sitting on the fence, not knowing who to support, who want peace. You probably don't know too much about Israel and are influenced by images of fighter jets, people in Gaza being bombed and legends of Jews stealing Arab lands. But none of that matters right now because this is a war between good and evil, for and against human rights. What you see is not about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Rockets have also been fired from Lebanon and the Yemen. This is a culture war. We are fighting terrorist organizations, jihadists, backed by Russia and Iran who don't only want Israel and the Ukraine. They repeatedly say it: they want everything, to control the entire world, to replace democracies with Putinized radical Islamic theocracies, to enforce the Sharia law everywhere. For them, the West is next. Everyone who is not a part of radical Islam will suffer. Is this what you want? Radical Islamists are in your midst. Are you waiting for them to attack like they did in Paris, Brussels,Barcelona , 9/11 and more? And that is where you need Israel's help because it is fighting against the enemy of Western values, an enemy who doesn't believe in peace, freedom, human rights. All you need to do is listen to them, to read the Hamas charter. For Israel, it is either victory or death. We're not asking you to love Israel, just to support the values it represents because although you don't yet know it, Israel is potecting you as well.

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