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Don't look away from the sexual violence of the Hamas on October 7th

2023-12-06 (#188)

****** TRIGGER WARNING: The film contains verbal evidence of severe sexual violence ******

After almost two months of global denial of the horrors of the October 7th massacre, this week began an awakening and recognition of the war crimes and the unimaginable sexual violence of Hamas.

Last night, on Jake Tapper's show, in front of tens of millions of Americans on CNN, he broadcast one of the most important investigations broadcast to the world since the beginning of the war 🇺🇸

It's not an easy movie to watch, but it was broadcast on American television and we decided it was important to translate and publish it here as well, despite the difficulty 📹

Video Transcription:

Nearly two months after the October 7 attacks,

the international community is finally beginning to investigate

and recognize reports of brutal and inhumane rapes

and sexual assaults by Hamas terrorists torturing and

terrorizing the people of Israel.

For weeks, Israeli police have been collecting eyewitness

testimony, video, and forensic evidence detailing countless accounts

of rape and sexual assault perpetrated by terrorists

on Israeli women and children.

And for weeks, there has been very

little outcry or condemnation from the international

community, including from the United Nations.

There are exactly no circumstances that justify rape.


Rape is targeted.

Rape is terror.

Rape is torture

doesn't just strike fear

in the hearts of Israeli women.

It strikes fear in the hearts of

every woman and girl around the globe.

The chief superintendent of the Israeli police

read numerous accounts of the atrocities witnessed

by survivors and first responders.

Everything was an apocalypse of corpses.

Girls without any clothes on,

without tops, without underwear.

There were girls with a broken

pelvis due to repetitive rapes.

Another testimony from the race party survivor

women without clothes, some without the upper

body clothes, some without the lower body

clothes, blood over the lower body.

Everyone was full of blood, and videos

were played from a first responder, a

paramedic, and a survivor of the music

festival, detailing firsthand what they experienced.

There was a body of a woman

that had a bloodstain on her genitalia.

There was a lot of gun wounds there.

Shooting was targeted at sexual organs.

We saw that a lot.

The women we received, they were civilian.

We mainly saw either breast amputations

or gunshots just to the breast.

They were conscious when they got to us.

They laid a woman down, and

I understand that he's raping her.

He's basically shifting her position, and then

they pass her on to another person.

Was she alive, the girl they raped?

Yes, she was alive.

Another survivor of the attack describes seeing

a horrific rape at the Nova Music

Festival to London's Sunday Times.

I saw this beautiful woman with the face of an angel,

an eight or ten of the fighters beating and raping her.

She was screaming, Stop it already.

I'm going to die anyway from what you're doing.

Just kill me.

When they finished, they were laughing, and the

last one shot her in the head.

Do we believe the Hamas spokesperson who

said that rape is forbidden, therefore it

couldn't have possibly happened on October 7?

Or do we believe the women whose bodies tell us

how they spent the last minutes of their lives?

Who are we going to believe?

The Israeli government says there are still 17 women

and children who are either still being held by

Hamas or are missing, that most of those women

are in their teens or twenties.

You saw being kidnapped, and she had a

bloody stain soaking her pants between her legs.

And if you are worried about what Hamas might be doing

with these women in their teens and twenties, yuo are not alone.

Sources tell me that this is, in fact,

a big fear among top Israeli officials.

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