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Douglas Murray says what others are too scared to admit about Gaza

2023-11-10 (#102)

Douglas Murray answers questions regarding a view expressed by Barack Obama about the potential radicalization of extremists as a result of the numerous civilian casualties in Gaza. He replies that, according to that view, not only shoudl Israel just sit back and do nothing, but also that there is a peaceful population in Gaza aching for a 2 state solution. This is not so, as proven by video coverage of one of the victims of rape and murder by Hamas who was subsequently paraded in the streets of Gaza. The video shows a group of ordinary Gazans spitting on her, hitting and mutilating her body further. Not one person told them to stop. Piers Morgan asks Douglas Murray if he endorses collective punishment for the actions of a few. Douglas Murray replies that there is some collective responsibility because the Gazans elected Hamas. It is routinely claimed that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza but there is a constant population boom there. The comparison between Hamas and the Nazis is insufficient: the Nazis were ashamed of what they did and tried to cover their crimes, while Hamas did what they did with glee,were deeply proud and some phoned their parents at home to boast. They also said they would continue to commit such atrocities until the whole world is clear of Jews. The world should take that seriously!

Video Transcription:

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