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For all Mums out there

2023-10-21 (#021)

A tearful pregnant mother presents things from a mother's point of view. She has 18 more weeks of pregnancy and calls on all members of the European Parliament who think what Hamas did is legitimate to call his or her mother because every mother in the world will condemn murder, kidnapping and then showing it on social media and bragging about it. She tries not to watch all the horrific videos, but one she did watch left an indelible mark on her:that of a pregnant mother whose belly was sliced open, her baby connected by its umbelical cord being stabbed, after which the mother is shot. How can any Parliament in the world say "but" to something like that? This is not about Palestine and Israel. It's about the future of humanity, the time to listen to the mothers. She spoke about it at a rally, about other mothers being like her, and got millions of reactions from all sides, including questions about Palestinian mothers. She cares about them too but the world needs to understand that Hamas doesn't care and are willing to sacrifice their own people. Even Israel doesn't want to sacrifice the Palestinian people. In the end, she says, they're like Jews: no one cares about them and indeed, the Arab world is not helping them. But this should not be an option and that is what the European Parliament should be saying . Several members of the EU tried to quote history but there's never been anything like this. There shouldn't be a hostage situation that could take months or even years to resolve. It's not an option!

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