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Former Islamist and wife of al-Qaeda member speaks out against Hamas terror | Keshet 12 News

2023-12-20 (229)

Yasmine Mohammed grew up as a radical Islamist and married an al-Qaeda member in Egypt. She was disowned by her family when she decided not to wear the hijab anymore and had to flee for her life. Now she speaks out against the terror of Hamas.

Video Transcription:

hello y thank you for speaking to us

thank you so much for having me so I

want to take you back to Saturday

October 7th how did you hear about the

events that were unfolding in Israel I

was on Twitter and the first thing that

I saw actually was the video of

the the woman that was on the back of



well it's interesting because my mom is

Egyptian and my father is Palestinian he

was born and raised in Gazza and he

moved to Egypt to go to university and

that's where he met my mom and that's

when they got married and then moved to

America and my mom at the time of their

marriage was a very secular person but

she became over the years more and more

and more

it's embarrassing you know it's horrible

you don't want to have to say these

things but you know there's obviously

the Quran refers to Jewish people as

apes and pigs my aunt was in the market

and she saw the vegetables she saw the

Cucumbers were small and she said oh

it's the Jews are putting cancer and the

vegetables to make them small and I was

like what how do you put cancer in

vegetables she's like oh yeah the juice

they can do

anything after I cut ties with my mom

because once I removed my hijab she said

um that's it you need to be killed now

because you're no longer my daughter

you're no longer you know your next step

after removing hijab is that you're GNA

leave Islam and so you need to be killed

before that

happens part of it really is feeling

like I failed um I tried so hard to

speak up you try so hard to prevent this

from happening you try so hard to allow

people to see what's going on but it's

like deaf ears you know I feel like I'm

just screaming into a a dark Chasm and

then this is the

result I was really really surprised to

see just the immediate Pro Hass you know

under the guise of pro Palestine

protests happening all over the world to

hear the the genocidal chance in Sydney

Australia they were just screaming gas

the Jews like they're not even they

don't they have no fear of um they don't

care if they look like genocidal


monsters and immediately like the the

Jewish people have suddenly gone

from being the victims to the aggressors

in a

heartbeat even the fact that I'm talking

to you right now puts me in danger and

there comes a point where the rage

overrides the fear you you have to speak

out you have to do something even if it

means I lose my life over it I don't

care I've I've done everything I want to

do in this world I said everything I

want to say I don't care it'll be worth

it to me if it will help people to


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