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Hamas fighting from hospitals and schools

2023-11-09 (#097)

Question: What can Gazans encircled by the IDF do to leave Gaza City? Reply: Israel has opened a humanitarian corridor. Northern Gaza is dangerous because Hamas has embedded itself in people's homes and under hospitals and schools, making those legitiamate targets under international law, which states that medical units cannot be used to shield military targets. Indeed, the fact that Hamas has its headquarters in the basement of a hospital is a war crime! The hospital becomes a legitimate target once the IDF has taken every possible precaution to get civilians out of harm's way. Israel has a quarter million displaced persons because Israel wants to get them out of harm's way, just as it wants for the Palestinian civilians. The IDF does more than any army in the history of modern warfare to safeguard the civilians on the other side from the consequences of Hamas' actions which endanger their lives.

Video Transcription:


What can Gazans do who have not been able to

leave Gaza City and now find themselves encircled by IDF?

Israel has been continuing to operate humanitarian

corridors over the last few days.

And by the way, most residents of

northern Gaza have heeded Israel's warning.

Of the 1.1 million residents of northern Gaza,

latest figures I've seen are that only 100,000

remain in the north, and that is before

the humanitarian corridors of recent days.

The fighting in northern Gaza

is going to get dangerous.

It's going to get dangerous because Hamas

has literally embedded itself under people's homes,

under schools, underneath hospitals, and those are

all legitimate targets under international law.

When Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says the UK wants Israel

to win, it wants us to go after these terror

targets so they can never perpetrate the massacre again.

And we hope understanding of international law is

that they are only targets that you can

aim at as long as civilians are not

in the path of those missiles and rockets.

No, it's important that we're on

the same page about international law.

And I know that's very important for

British, very important for British audiences especially.

International law says that medical units may not be

used under any circumstances to shield military targets.

The fact that Hamas has its military headquarters in the

basement of the Shifa Hospital is a war crime. Period.

The next article of international law, I'm quoting

additional protocol, one of the Geneva Conventions, generally

taken as a fatal reflection of customary.

International law says that those medical units may

lose their protected status when they are used

to shield military targets as long as sufficient

warning has been given and every possible precaution

taken to get civilians out of harm's way.

It does not say that the targets

underneath hospitals may only be targeted once

there are no civilians in the vicinity.

It says they become legitimate targets when

our army has made every possible precaution

to get civilians out of harm's way.

And I'll remind you, it's been three weeks now that

Israeli soldiers have been placing 20,000 phone calls to residents

of Gaza, urging them to leave, dropping one and a

half million leaflets, sending 10 million SMS.

Well, from the hospitals, we understand

that it is very difficult.

Israel also has its own

internally displaced person problem.

We have a quarter of a million evacuees, including

elderly people, including sick people, who've been forced to

leave Nerod, who've been forced to leave Kiriad Shmona

up in the north, because we want to get

them out of harm's way and we want Palestinians

to get out of harm's way as well.

And we think that anyone in the international

community genuinely concerned for civilians should be helping

and encouraging that evacuation of civilians to get

them out of harm's way.

That is their responsibility under international law, instead

of criticizing Israel for doing everything it can,

more than any army in the history of

warfare, by the way, to keep the other

side civilians safe from the consequences of their

own leaders'reckless endangerment of them.

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