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HAMAS Supporter Rashida Tlaib

2024-01-08 (262)

Jewish life is becoming so worthless it's very painful. Congresswoman Rashida TB she's left us dumbfounded when she refused to condemn the murder of Jewish babies by Hamas

Video Transcription:

After the whors of the Holocaust the

world promised to never again allow the

senseless murder of Jews and now people

are on the globe they're standing up to

the pure evil of Hamas here now with why

supporting Israel at this time is so

important Rabbi Shmuley Bolak, Rabbi Shmuley

great to see you it's it is if you were

silent you are accepting the

unacceptable that was what my parents

always taught me Ellie weel the world's

most famous Holocaust Survivor famously

said the opposite of love is not hatred

the opposite of Love is indifference now

let's take it a step further what about

if people who don't even know the

difference between right and wrong it's

not that they're indifferent it's that

they're clueless they have no moral

compass we have American Congress women

Rashida Talib Elon Omar who are openly

siding with Hamas and even the National

American media from The New York Times

to CNN CBS NBC they won't even call

Hamas terrorist now think about that

this man over here who killed 3,000

Americans in incinerated them just 3 miles

from here on 9/11 2001 was he a militant

or a monster was he a soldier or a

Savage was he a belligerent or Barbarian

if you cannot call this man a terrorist

then you have no sense of right and

wrong so the language and look at the

way they're saying 1,200 Jews were

slaughtered in Holocaust level exension

for a day on Saturday and Sunday and now

they're saying that Israel is engaging

in retribution you mean stopping

terrorists from killing more Jews is a

form of Revenge

Jewish life is becoming so um worthless

it's very painful you know you talked

about uh congresswoman Rashida TB she's

left us dumbfounded when she refused to

condemn the murder of Jewish babies by

Hamas I want you to listen to this I

want you to

when asked here she was silent

but now she's saying her critics are the

hateful ones saying quote I don't not

support the tarine and killing of

civilians whether in Israel or Palestine

the fact that some have suggested

otherwise as offensive and rooted and

bigoted assumptions about my faith and

ethnicity Rabbi how would he respond to

Rashida Talib she hides behind her

ethnicity but there's a universal

morality that Muslims Jews and

Christians and atheists and agnostics

all live by and that is that life is

precious and that murder is a sin

Rashida Talib is an American Abomination

she won an election seat I truly

hope that her constituents will rise up

and evict her because she is a disgrace

to Islam which is a great world religion

but she's a disgrace to American values

if she really believes in Hamas let her

go to Gaza right now and try to express

an opinion against Hamas she God forbid

with lose her life which nobody wants we

want to keep her safe let her say one

good word about an lgbtq Palestinian who

have to flee to Israel rather than have

their genitals cut off being decapitated

if you cannot condemn the decapitation

of 30 infants at a kibuts then evil has

no meaning I'll tell you something else

I love when people like Rashid Talin and

Elon Omar speak about how religious

these Muslim Hamas members are do mus do

religious men take a half naked

unconscious woman in her undergarments

and parade her body around with such

necrophiliac puran these are fiends the

savagery it's it's very difficult to

contain but to hear it in the halls of

Congress is something that would make

the founders of our nation who came to

establish Liberty and freedom turn over

in their graves I just want to point

something out while you're here really briefly

the Democrats have known that

this is what these individuals were all

about for years going this is in

2019 Rashida Talib invited a Hezbollah

and Hamas supporter to a private family

dinner celebrating her elevation to

Congress a man who had said Israel had

no right to exist

and when

she joined Congress she put that Post-It

note on her map and that said Palestine

and pointed to Israel and when you quote

over and over again the language of

front what what is the language from

River uh from River to Sea see Palestine

will be free of course murdering all its

Jews but that means the eradication of

Jews means genocide so we know what

you've been talking about for years we

know what you're about so don't act like

that we're the bigots and that we don't

understand what you represent and the

hatred that you walk around with in your

heart and soul every single day

Rashida Talib wakes up in the morning and the

hatred of the Jewish people courses

through through her veins it animates

her actions it causes the language that

she uses and she cannot even suppress it

and I'll tell you she doesn't even care

about Palestinian lives that's where

bothers me the most I care infinitely

more about my Palestinian brothers and

sisters than she does because Hamas is a

curse to the Palestinians Hamas is a

kleptocracy that has stolen they got

more money per capita in Gaza than the

entire Marshall Plan everyone in Europe

look what Europe did after the

destruction of the second world war and

look at Gaza today Rashid to could not

give a damn about Palestinian women who

are beheaded when they have boyfriends

16 or 17 years old she'll never speak up

for them because all she cares about is

hatred of Jews she is animated by a and

I'll tell you one final thing it's not

just Rashid Taliban and Elon Omar you're

talking about Tufts University Harvard

University right three miles up from

here Columbia University students are

supporting Hamas and their mutilation of

women I mean our universities have lost

their minds we're living in a crazy time

that boggles the imagination

you are so right and

also you have Democrats who have

supported and um and defended uh these

Squad members who have behaved so uh

poorly and and President Biden who just

gave Iran $6 billion and if you think

that didn't lead to more hostages being

taken oh it's more than that it's a

billion dollars per hostage that's a lot

of money lot money oil money tens of

billions Rabbi great God bless you thank

you God bless you
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