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Hamas terrorists fled to Sinai in ambulances!

2023-11-04 (#083)

A truly eye-opening speech about Hamas by Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority. When Israel retaliated against Hamas after the October 7th massacre, Hamas leaders said they don't care if Gaza is erased as long as the Hamas movement survives. At a time when thousands of Gazans were suffering and 100,000 people remain homeless, Haniya and Mashal went as far as saying that what is happening in Gaza is insignificant and doesn't affect them because Hamas is alive and well. Abbas says Hamas leaders hid under mosques and fled to Sinai in ambulances but claim they "put up resistance".

Video Transcription:

And when the (Israeli) aggression happened.

They (Hamas leaders) said in Gaza and abroad, if Gaza were to go

And its surroundings are Gaza. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They don't care who you are

Gaza, the important thing is for Hamas to remain present. They said this

Haniyeh said it, and Mishal said it, “We don’t care what happens.”

Mishal's article is more than this.

What is happening in Gaza is a simple matter that does not affect us.

It doesn't affect us.

Then you go out and they say you are fine.

There are thousands of martyrs among the people and thousands of wounded

The people of the country have tens of thousands of demolished homes to this day

To date, one hundred thousand Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip

In the open because they cannot find a home for themselves, but the Hamas movement did

The Hamas movement was hiding under the basements of a movement leading a movement

Hamas, and I say this for the first time, fled to Sinai.

I wanted ambulances and left their people

He is slaughtered and then they say we resisted.
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