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Have you ever wondered where is all the money sent to the people of Gaza?

2023-11-05 (#085)

Have you ever wondered what has been done with all the money coming into Gaza and how come the Hamas leaders are so rich? Their wealth amounts to billions of dollars. According to Middle east expert Gerald Filitti, they fleece their own people by imposing taxes including taxes on smuggled goods, but they use those taxes on themselves instead of providing services for the people. Hamas leaders live it up, hold extravagant parties and have palaces with servants, while 60% of Gazans live below the international poverty line of $2 a day. Middle East expert Barak Seener says that they also get about $100 million - which reach Hamas via shell companies - from Iran per year. Also, since 2014, Qatar has given Hamas hundreds of millions of dollars. Furthermore, there's a Syrian fund with several millions of embezzled dollars, and Hamas has also benefitted from cryptocurrencies and charities which are constantly being shut down but Hamas is undeterred and opens new ones elsewhere. Hamas leaders use the money to live luxurious lifestyles in Qatar and much of the rest goes to fighting Israel.

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